Your Home Needs Water Wise Landscaping

For everyone that lives in some of the driest states in America, such as California, Utah, and Nevada, residents know that it is a big challenge to keep your yard landscape alive and colorful. Due to insufficient water and very little rainfall, it is nearly impossible to naturally water your plants and grass. This leads to home owners using tons of water every week to stop their landscaping from dying out, resulting in high water bills every month. Many people deal with this issue on the daily, and have decided to turn to wise water landscaping as their solution.

Wise Water Landscaping Is Our Future

Not only is this method easy to maintain, but it is very attractive. For many people, the economy and environment is a crucial importance that must be preserved. This new technique of landscaping saves tons of money not only for your bills, but for the world. Green Pros carries a wide selection of beautiful and low-maintenance plants that best suit the area you live in. The importance of picking your plants for your drought- tolerant landscaping is to chose ones that require the least amount of maintenance and water. Mulch is a big part of this landscaping. When we water our grass most of the water does not completely get soaked in the soil, and it evaporates. Mulch is placed on the soil’s surface to help absorb water through the soil and keep it from drying out. Green Pros has a wide variety of mulch in different shapes and colors that their clients can chose from!

Jerusalem-Sage-1                       shrimp-plant-1

Wise Water Landscaping is very attractive. We provide our clients with only the best looking plants that conserve water. Our plants are bright with color and will catch people’s attention as they pass by your home. Green Pros only provides their clients with top quality plants that are vivid and functional. We carry drought tolerant plants such as lemon-geranium, Mexican feather grass, lantana, shrimp plants, sweet peas, Jerusalem sage, and more. Some of our more desert-type plants that require very little water are cactus, aloe, agave, and more. All of these plants go well in any style home, and are full of color and liveliness.

Drought-Tolerant landscaping is the next big thing. Not only does this look great in your yard, but it saves you a lot of money on your bills. There are so many benefits to getting rid of your old plants that require excessive amounts of water to stay hydrated. By installing mulch and special plants that do not need much maintenance and are functional, your life will become so much easier and more relaxed. Contact Green Pros today for a free consultation on wise water landscaping!

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