Wise Water Landscaping With Cacti

Are you into wise water landscaping? Did you know that wise water landscaping saves you tons of money on your water bills, because your lawn does not require water or maintenance that it would if it were a regular lawn? Many people have decided to take the smart step and switch to drought tolerant landscaping services, because of all of its benefits. More specifically, a popular type of plant that people enjoy planting with their new yards are cacti plants.

Landscaping With Cacti

First of all, when you plant cacti into your landscaping designs, you give your yard a unique and different appeal that requires hardly any maintenance. Since cacti are susceptible to harsh weather conditions such as really hot desert weather or cold nights, it is for certain that it can handle Southern California’s weather changes.

Where do I plant my cacti? Green Pros always suggests planing your cacti in areas with sun. Because they grow and survive much better in hotter climates, look for the most sunny spots in your yard. Once you find a spot completely out of the shade, that is where you can then grow your beautiful cacti plants. Also, it is suggested to put dry pebbles or mulch around the cacti plants, because they do better when the ground around them is fully dry. Although, they can still survive around moist floors, it is best to provide dry rocks around them to ensure the best growth.

The beauty of the cacti plants are that they look great with any other succulents or flowers. Since they are a natural type of plant, putting colorful flowers around them or other types of drought tolerant plants will be very appealing to your back yard. Cacti plants have roots that hold in water and store them, so they survive pretty much on their own. They water themselves from time to time.

Many people are switching to drought tolerant landscape to save tons of money on their water and energy bills, and cacti plants really help them to achieve this goal. Because they are very low maintenance, require very little water, and need to be in the sun, it is a perfect solution to your home and a great addition that will catch people’s eyes. Green Pros has a wide variety of wise water plants for your landscaping needs. Call us today for a free consultation!

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