Why California Residents Need Artificial Turf Installations

California is a very desirable place to live in. It is a great place to raise a family in, and you can own a good-sized house for a decent price. The only problem with California is that the weather changes are a complete surprise, and it is nearly impossible to perfectly maintain your lawn daily. This is an issue that many residential home owners struggle with, and this is when artificial turf installations come into play.

Californian Residents Need Artificial Turf

After our last severe drought, people living in this state simply had enough. It was time to stop wasting precious and valuable water on our grass and start making changes. This not only had California behind on paying their bills, but it lead to a great water shortage. Since last year after the drought came into the picture, the peak of artificial grass services in Los Angeles grew rapidly. Those residents who continued to want bright green grass in their yards, switched to artificial turf. Thanks to the California weather, artificial turf is the next best thing. It is completely water proof. Sounds amazing right? Because we are not sure what our weather might be like tomorrow or a week from now, this fake grass will stand a chance in any weather condition. If there is a thunderstorm, all real grass will flood with water, leaving your entire lawn wet and muddy for several days after. And, you cannot step on real grass after something like this, because it is not dry. In the specific months between November to late April, California experiences random days of rainfall. This results in your beautiful grass not being able to grow properly. When your grass does not grow properly, it does not turn out looking how you have hoped, and all the money spent watering it is gone to waste.

A big thing in California is playing sports. Sports are a very important part of our culture and this is where we unwind and have a good time with family and friends. With our weather conditions, it makes it very difficult to play the sports we want outdoors. With artificial turf, there is not a day where you can’t play sports. The water from the rain does not soak in the artificial turf, so you can play on the field or in your yard with completely dry grass that you can even sit on. This is great for young children as well, because they love being outdoors. You will never have to worry about them getting grass stains on their clothes, or muddy legs and arms. Your pets benefit from artificial grass services in Los Angeles because the grass does not contain pests and bugs, leaving them without ticks and fleas!

Green Pros’ forte is installing artificial turf. This fake grass is a life changer, and you are adding value to your home with this installation. Along with adding home value, you are also saving tons of money on your water bills every month. Contact Green Pros today for a consultation!


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