Water Wise Landscaping: Succulents and Artificial Grass


Water Wise Landscaping: Succulents and Artificial Grass

The one mistake many homeowners make is that they automatically believe that artificial grass installation is the ONLY way to go. Well, Green Pros is here to tell you that you can partake in water wise landscaping. How? Well, it’s actually quite simple. While installing artificial grass Los Angeles is the smart way to go, it’s not the only way to go if you do not feel that you are completely committed to have artificial grass year-round and still enjoy the relaxation that gardening brings. By combining artificial grass for front yard Los Angeles with plants that do not require a lot of maintenance, it can bring personality and a unique twist to your water wise landscaping.

Succulents are an often-overlooked plant, but it’s actually totally and completely underrated. Native to Southern California and most of the Southwestern states, it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, or needs a lot of water. Since succulents can go days without water, you don’t have to worry about succulents drying out before you’d have a chance to water them. Succulents don’t get enough love, but since a lot of California residents are looking for ways to become more water wise, there has been a growing appreciation for this misunderstood plant.

Many people believe that succulents do not offer the same kind of vibrancy that traditional plants offer, but that is the furthest from the truth. With emerald greens, lavenders, deep purples, and some hints of turquoise; succulents are much more vibrant than they are given credit for. They would be a wonderful addition to an artificial grass lawn and backyard. By combining succulents, and other plants, with artificial grass, you will have a water wise landscape that will be the envy of the entire neighborhood.

By contacting Green Pros, you will speak with a customer service representative and they will inform you of all the possible options you can combine with your artificial grass for backyard Los Angeles and water wise landscaping. Half of your landscape can be dedicated to having succulents and other desert plants, while the rest can be dedicated to having artificial grass for front yard Los Angeles.



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