Tips For a Low-Maintenance Lanscaping Yard

Are you turning to wise water landscaping installations for your yard? If you are, this is a very smart idea. Green Pros suggests tips and ways to continue to be efficient when using  landscaping services in Los Angeles. If you are interested in learning about our tactics and tips to save money on your landscaping, then read on!

Ideas For Wise Water Landscaping

Lose your current lawn landscaping and change to drought tolerant tools. For one, take out your real grass and switch to artificial turf. This will leave your grass vibrant and bright, without worrying about real grass dying through rapid climate changes. Synthetic grass never dies, because it does not need any water. It also does not contain pests and bugs, or dirt. It is weather proof, meaning that you will not get muddy grass after a long week of rain. Imagine sitting on your grass all day and not getting grass stains on your clothes? This is great for children, and for pets that won’t get dirty. The best part about synthetic turf is that it does not need to be watered, which saves you money on your water bills ( a lot of money).

A great thing about switching to wise water landscaping is getting to pick out all of the plants you can have. There are many types of plans that Green Pros provides you with that are drought tolerant.  Some of these plants include: cactus, agave, aloe, bottle brush, Mexican feather grass, and much more. Green Pros can assist you with all of the selection process and help you design the perfect yard of your dreams. Plants will add more value to your home, and make your home more colorful and vibrant.

Another great idea for wise water landscaping installations is mulch and rocks. These are becoming increasingly popular from Green Pros. Mulch are materials of decaying leaves and bark that are planted and spread around areas where plants are installed to enrich the soil. This not only helps your plants grow without watering daily, but also looks very attractive and modern. It is a look that is becoming popular and everyone wants to get their hands on it. Green Pros provides their clients with different types of mulch such as: red dyed chips, walk on bark, brown dyed chips, and more. Rocks are also installed for added design, and block specific parts of your yard that you don’t want to be shown.


Green Pros has many products that will make your landscaping services in Los Angeles more efficient, and save a ton of money every month on your bills. Call us today for a free consultation!



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