Taking Good Care Of Your Artificial Turf

Since artificial grass installations are the new popular thing to have in your residential or commercial property, it is important that it looks good all the time. Artificial turf services Los Angeles are great to have for many different reasons. For one, the maintenance issues are not a problem, because they barely require any maintenance at all. Artificial grass saves you an obvious sum of money per year. How does this save you money? You do not need to water it, because it is not real. It will stay the perfect shade of green it is for a very very long time, if you get it installed from Green Pros. Imagine not having to water your grass anymore…amazing right?

How To Take Care Of Your New Green Lawn

Although this type of grass does not need to be cared for often, you still need to make sure that it does not get damage. Here are some ways to avoid having your fresh and beautiful artificial turf damage:

A very important thing to be cautious of after having your artificial grass installation is to keep sharp and rough objects away from it at all times. Because there is a line of fabric under your grass that is invisible, this helps hold the artificial turf all in place and looking great. If you take a sharp object such as gardening scissors, a knife, or anything with a sharper edge, it can cut through the mesh or the fabric and damage the grass. This does not happen very often, but it is still a precaution that we tell all of our clients to be aware of. It is suggested that if you need to use these tools with sharp edges in your garden you can place them in a special bin that will keep them safe and away from the grass.

Also, it is important to keep an eye out for unwanted debris on your artificial grass. It is completely normal for dirt, sticks, or small rocks to get stuck in your grass from the weather and climate changes. Wind can blow debris onto your grass, and you should just keep an eye out for that. Branches or sticks can also poke holes into your grass, getting through the mesh and fabric.

There are other precautions to look out for when having artificial turf. You should regularly examine your grass for these signs of possible damage, to prevent it! Call Green Pros today for a free consultation, and to get started on your artificial turf services in Los Angeles.


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