Stamped Concrete Is Simple, And Better For Your Home

Stamped concrete is a popular way to boost the look of your front of backyard with a decorative look. Concrete makes up much of today’s home owners yards, if you have not yet noticed. It ads much more of an appealing look, rather than just grass and plants/flowers.  Once Green Pros takes over and begins your stamped concrete installations, you will get to decide what design pattern and color(s) you wish to have in your yard. Green Pros carries a wide selection of different colors to chose from, so this will be no problem. After the first day of installation, the professional team hauls stone into place allowing it to dry slightly but not completely. The steps are formed with cement, and then covered with a plastic sheet so nothing gets ruined or damaged over night. Once the concrete is ready and into place, you apply the color of your choice to the concrete. Once the color is dried and ready, they begin the stamping process. The stamps are used to create special designs through the concrete and create unique textures.


Stamped Concrete is Problem-less

Decorative concrete is known to be a lot stronger and environmental resistant than regular concrete that is used, because of the special hardeners and top coat that Green Pros professionals use. Stamped concrete is more affordable than ever before, which also adds more value to your home. With the different textures and colors to chose from, there is no way you will be limited to possibilities with stamped concrete, and it will give your home an immediate appealing look. You will not have to worry about the weather damaging or cracking your concrete, because it is very durable. Green Pros uses only the best types of stamped concrete for your home. We do not cut corners and make sure that our clients get the highest quality products, to ensure their happiness. To find out more about our decorative concrete let one of our specialists give you a free consultation!

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