Saving Water Through Drought Tolerant Landscape

If you live in California, you know that conserving water in any way possible is crucial. We are beginning to cut down on watering our grass, our plants, our cars, driveways, etc., to support our drought crisis. California residents understand that water is extremely valuable, which is why they are switching to alternative solutions. Many are turning to drought tolerant landscape, not only to save water, but also to save money.

Watering Our Grass/Plants Is Not Crucial

More than half of our water is being used daily to water grass and plants. Imagine how much water we would save if everyone stopped watering their lawns. Stopping the watering of lawns saves you money on your monthly water bills, and saves you time and maintenance. By stopping water for these uses, you benefit your community and yourself. This is where Green Pros brings drought tolerant landscape into play. Sure, everyone wants to continue to have nice-looking lawns, without having to require water and maintenance. You can obtain environmental friendly alternatives by first installing artificial turf. Artificial turf requires no maintenance at all. It is completely weather-proof, so your grass will never obtain mud and dirt like real grass does. Artificial turf is more beneficial for children and pets as well. It is much more safe to play on, and does not contain any toxins. Another good thing about artificial turf is that there are no pests or bugs in your grass. A second step to drought tolerant landscaping is to install mulch and rocks for decoration where grass used to be. This actually adds much more of a decorative feel in your yard. You can also install certain plants that do not obtain as much water.

There are several services provided by Green Pros that are better alternatives to saving water in California’s drought. Take the first step, and start thinking about the place you live in. By switching to drought tolerant landscaping, you will instantly see less expenses on your monthly bills, while doing a good deed to your community. You can have the best of both worlds, so call Green Pros to get started today.

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