Paver Installations: How To Determine The Best Color For Your Home

Paver installations will pair perfectly almost anywhere in your front and backyard. They have been increasingly popular and highly in demand over the past years. This is because of its unique look, its low maintenance, and its benefits. Paver services in Beverly Hills can be designed in many different ways, allowing you to get really creative throughout the entire process. Green Pros is here to give you advice about picking the perfect pavers for your home.

You Can Get Creative With Your Pavers

  • If you have a home with a brick exterior, it is best to stay away from brick pavers. This will not mesh as well with your home. Instead, you can have endless possibilities with other pavers. Since your home is brick, you can go with a tan or even grey paver. Many homeowners like to stick with neutral tones to greys when having brick walls, because it evens out the red tones. Picking these colors will relieve you from that overwhelming feeling you may have.
  • If your home exterior color is dark, it is best to pick a lighter paver color. If your exterior walls are plain colored and solid, you can get very creative with the designs on your pavers. Green Pros has a wide variety of different designs to pick from. In contrast to having a darker exterior painted home, many to most homes are colored in neutral paints. This allows you to select either a light paver tone or a darker one. You can even do a multi-colored paver to add some life to the outside of your home.

Think about your neighbors, and the types of houses that are around you. If everyone has very similar colors and pavers, this is your chance to get creative and pick a bold color/design. This will add more pop and appeal to your home, and will catch people’s attentions. These installations will definitely add value to your home as well, because of its extreme popularity and desire.

It is also recommended to look at the angle of sunlight that hits your home. If you are installing your paver in an area of shade, than it is recomended to pick a lighter color that will show more. If there is more sun in the area of your installation, you can feel free to go for a more edgy and darker color.

There are so many different types of pavers that Green Pros offers their clients, and they are of best quality. Our team of professionals is happy to give you a free consultation! Call us today to get started on your paver services in Beverly Hills.



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