Landscaping with Cacti—Not So Rosy!

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With the increase of record-breaking, scorching temperatures, it would only make sense to switch from thorny roses to succulent and cacti when you install artificial turf Pomona. This form of landscaping with cacti is known as xeriscaping, a term that is becoming a common term among more water conscious homeowner who’ve installed artificial grass Pomona. Xeriscaping is changing the way we view our gardens and landscapes. The ideal garden was perceived to being lush green lawns and rose bushes, with tulips and petunias, but it is no longer that way. All those lawns with the rose bushes require a lot of water, a resource that is quite scarce at the moment as we move into our fourth year of the drought, which is why artificial grass cost Pomona is affordable.

There are many benefits to landscaping with cacti, especially in a drought-stricken region like Southern California, especially when you install artificial turf Pomona. The number one reason it’s so beneficial is because it saves vast amounts of water. A self-reliant plant, cacti require little maintenance and care, which means you, are fulfilling your environmental responsibility with little to no effort. We all appreciate one less thing to worry about and cacti can be considered to be similar to a latchkey child. Another way to save water is the use of hydrozoning, when plants are zoned together according to their water requirements when you install artificial grass Pomona. This is a great organizational tool for those who have trouble remembering how much commitment and effort it requires to take care of a plant; the less time, the better. This is why a lot of people appreciate the low artificial grass cost Pomona.

Cacti plants are desert plants and native to the Southwest, the most affected region of the drought. Using native plants, in their native environment usually results in a beneficial outcome. Cacti can survive scorching temperatures; therefore you don’t have to worry about where to plant them, as they are very adaptable to the heat. It’s stress relieving to know that you can plant your cacti almost anywhere and not worry about whether or not it will survive, that’s how self-reliant cacti are, they don’t need you to worry about them. You also don’t have to worry about your artificial turf Pomona, or your artificial grass Pomonoa.

Also, planting cacti has many useful purposes, such as producing aloe vera, which is used for burns and minor skin ailments. Growing your own aloe vera plant will be beneficial when you get sunburned in the summer months. Some cacti are used as a side dish to many Southwestern and Latin cuisines, as it is proven to have many healthy benefits consumed. Making your own aloe vera water will also be beneficial to your health. Landscaping with cacti and artificial grass Pomona makes the most of our scarce resources.


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