Ideas For Drought Tolerant Landscaping

Affordable drought tolerant landscaping has been in style and increasingly popular over the past years. This is because of its main reason: it saves you money! But, not only does it save you money every year on water bills, but it looks stunning and very decorative in your yard. Green Pros makes it possible to have the best of both worlds. Since Southern California is prone to rapid weather changes and unsteady temperatures, it is highly recommended to have this type of landscaping. Green Pros is an LA drought tolerant landscaping service that provides their clients with many different options when going water-less.

If you want to help make a difference in the environment, than drought tolerant landscaping is best for your home. If you walk down your street, you will see at least a few homes with this type of landscaping, who already made the switch. Soon enough, almost every home in your community will have this feature. It’s look is stunning and unique, as you will never have to worry about watering the plants and grass ever again. The colors of your garden in your front and back yard will stay vivid, green, and bright at all times of the year. Can you imagine a hot and dry summer where grass is brown and plants are dying, but your yard will always remain fresh looking? This is the beauty of power of wise water installations!

Popular Ideas For Wise Water Landscaping

There are tons of ways to get creative with the look of the outside of your home. Green Pros allows their clients to get very creative with the process, due to their many features they have to offer. For one: replacing your dull and colorless grass with some artificial turf will already make a huge impact. Imagine your home with a weatherproof beautiful green lawn yearly. Ahhh- what a beautiful sight to see. This will already add much detail to your home, improve its value, and attract people’s attention (including your own). Artificial turf is non-toxic and is safe for your children and/or pets. This type of grass is free of insects, pests, ants, etc. that usually hang out in real grass. This is a good benefit because you won’t have to worry about your kids or pets getting bugs on them after playing on the turf. Next, you can pick from a wide variety of beautiful rocks that Green Pros has to offer. Some of these rocks include: Tuscan rose cobbles, Malibu cobbles, Black arrowhead, California Gold, Surf Green, Snow White Boulder, and much more.

Next, you can put beautiful mulch in between your flowers and plants for more appeal. Mulch also helps these plants grow because they hold moisture within them. Green Pros offers different types, colors, and sizes of mulch. These include: walk on bark, red dyed chips, small bark nuggets, brown dyed chips, and more. These are placed as an alternative to soil much of the time, and look even better. Another option that many people do is put sand in certain areas of their yard.

There are many ways to get creative with wise water landscaping. Green Pros is an affordable landscaping company that is there to help you obtain the best looking lawn, while saving tons of money every year on water bills. Call our LA Drought tolerant landscaping service today for a free consultation!


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