Having Pets Are Easy With Fake Grass

You may not even want to bother fixing up your yard because of your pets. Some people give up completely when it comes to taking care of their landscaping, because your animals just destroy everything anyways. This is where you can take a whole new toll on a gorgeous landscaping. With fake grass installations Woodland Hills, you will never have to worry about your beautiful lawn getting ruined by your pets. Green Pros, the licensed artificial turf specialists LA will provide you with bright grass for many years to come.

How It Resists Pet Damage

Like many people in Southern California, having pets helps keep you company and fill your life with love. This is why we continue to keep our pets for many years, even though sometimes they come with consequences. Pets love to get down and dirty, especially dogs. If you have dogs, you know that the second they get energized they are at it all day long.

The first way that pets can damage real grass:

  1. When pets urinate and do their personal business, they harm your real grass. Urine has acid in it and a high Ph level, which permanently stains your grass and turns it from a bright healthy green to brown and dead. This burns and dries out your grass that you have spend tons of money watering and keeping alive. With artificial grass, you will never experience this problem. When a pet deposits it’s urine on the artificial turf, the grass features will help automatically absorb it so that it does not stay and stain the area.
  2. It is very common for dogs to dig big holes in front and backyards to bury items or just for fun. While this is exciting for them, it is extremely frustrating for their owners. Digging holes causes huge damage to your real grass, as once the grass is ripped out of place it either does not grow back or takes a long time to re-appear. With fake grass, you cannot dig holes. Green Pro’s fake turf is so strong, durable, and of great quality, that pets will be unable to dig.
  3. Next, weather and pets are also a big issue. If there is heavy rainfall, the next day grass tends to store all of the mud and dirt from the weather before. This is a big problem for animals, because they need to go outside several times a day. Pets with mud on their hands and feet are difficult to clean, and makes your home very dirty in the winter time. Don’t be stressed- with fake grass this will not happen. Our grass is weatherproof, so even if there was a thunderstorm the night before, the next day it will be completely dry and mud free. Your home will be clean and mud-free all winter long.

There are many benefits of fake grass installations Woodland Hills for your pets. Not only will you love your new installation, but your pets will love it even more. It is completely safe, non-toxic and great for them to play on. If you do not have this installation already, call our licensed artificial turf specialists LA for a free consultation.

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