FAQS: Artificial Grass

Since there are still many homeowners and commercial property owners that have real grass in their yards, they are at a constant battle with maintenance and expensive bills. If you reside in Southern California, you can already expect this weather to dry out your grass with each passing season. Because the weather in Southern California is always up in the air, we are finding ourselves maintaining our yards more than we should. There is a resolution to this problem: affordable artificial turf services. Luckily, this amazing upgrade has lead to many people each month making the switch to fake grass. Why? Because it is extremely big on energy savings, money savings, and is maintenance free! Here are some commonly asked FAQS that homeowners wonder before switching to this product, that your artificial grass specialists LA at Green Pros will answer.


-Can artificial grass get dirty from the weather changes? No, artificial turf from Green Pros is weatherproof. Because it is not real, it makes it hard for rain and mud to get stuck between the grass, because there is no soil underneath. This means, that even if there is a thunderstorm the day before, your grass is completely safe to relax on, run on, and play on. You do not have to worry about your artificial turf also getting ruined from weather conditions. You will never see again grass stains on your childrens clothing when they play, or your pets running in the house with mud all over their paws.

– Is artificial grass safe for my children and pets? Yes, it is always safe. At Green Pros, we ensure you that our artificial turf is non-toxic, completely rid free of chemicals, and is all natural. This is very safe for children and pets. You can relax knowing that they are both fine being in the grass all day. It is a great feeling!

-How should I maintain my fake grass? Since your fake grass does not need to be watered, you simply can just go over your grass several times a week to make sure nothing is stuck in there. There may be natural substances that get in the grass, but that is very easy to clean. It can also be hosed down with water if needed, but not recommended.

-How will artificial turf save me money? This is a great question. Since your artificial grass requires no maintenance, you do not need to spend money on a gardener, and more importantly money for watering your grass. Imagine how much money you will save every month. Also, your grass will be bright green all year long, and looking wonderful.

-How do I get started on my artificial grass? You have come to the right place! Green Pros’ team of professionals is standing by waiting for your call! Our team will give you a free consultation, and measure your yard to see exactly how much artificial turf you need/want. The installation process with be very easy and stress-free!

Call us today at Green Pros, and get started on your new artificial turf to save money!

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