Eco Friendly: Wise Water Landscaping

Being an environmental lover is the new trend, and it is a great one. So great in fact, that our environment is slowly starting to improve every month little by little. A great way to continue this process for the environment, and also for yourself is to have eco friendly wise water landscaping. Green Pros, the best wise water landscape company Woodland Hills, is here to help you save tons of money and preserve our natural surroundings.

How To Be Eco-Friendly With Landscaping

First comes the planning and assessing process. You should figure out how you want to improve your landscaping, and where things should be placed. Artificial turf should be your first priority, as it should take up most of your lawn. This way, you do not ever need to water it, saving you tons of money on your water bills! Once you figure out exactly where you want everything to go and how you want to design your landscaping space, the fun part begins.

After picking out your artificial turf: what shade of grass you want, how much of it you want, and where you want it, you can pick out your plants.Green Pros provides their clients with a lot of different selections of plants that will ensure you little maintenance to them. For example, having nice aloe, cactus, agave, Mexican bush sage plants, etc., will not only have your landscaping look amazing, but will save you money on water bills. Other good things about wise water plants is that they are good for not just water savings, but energy savings, blocking some sunlight out, blocking unwanted noise out, and giving you privacy from your neighbors.

Next comes mulch installations. There are tons of benefits of mulch, besides the fact that it looks great in your yard. Mulch is highly popular in trend over the last few years. This is because it absorbs enough water to feed off of itself, and also does not require much  maintenance. It stops weeds from growing through plants and flowers, and traps them underneath the soil. Do you experience yourself pulling out weeds every single week for hours at a time? This can be a drag, very time consuming, and mulch can be very cost effective this way. Plus, Green Pros provides several different types of mulches, with different colors, sizes, and natural-looking shapes.

The best part of having an eco friendly wise-water landscaping in your front and backyard is that you are benefiting from it, as well as the environment. You are supporting the whole “Go Green” concept, which is slowly what more and more individuals are starting to do every year. Take the next step, for you and your family, and start saving money with this simple yet beautiful alternative. Call your special wise water landscaping company Woodland Hills today for a free consultation!


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