Artificial Grass Prevents Pool Slip Ups

 Artificial Grass Prevents Pool Slip Ups

Swimming pools are a lot of fun, especially during the hot summer months in Southern California. However, if you are like many homeowners that have concrete surrounding your pool, you may want to evaluate the safety of your pool. Although concrete can look very nice surrounding a pool, it can also be an accident waiting to happen. Think about it, you have your friends over with their kids running around, suddenly someone slips, hits their head, and lawsuits ensue. Don’t let that happen to you. You need the best artificial grass Moreno Valley from Green Pros to install top artificial grass Moreno Valley in order to prevent pool accidents. Artificial turf causes friction, which regular concrete does not provide, that prevents slip-ups from happening.

An outdoor grass carpet Moreno Valley is the best option for your swimming pool. Artificial grass has superior draining capabilities, which means that you never have to worry about puddles because the outdoor grass carpet Moreno Valley will evenly absorb the water and you can enjoy your day lounging under the sun. Top artificial grass Moreno Valley also eliminates the constant need for deodorizers, as well as ammonia additives, which means a cleaner pool for you!

Top artificial grass Moreno Valley around your pool will also provide a soft, natural feeling on your bare feet, which is something that concrete cannot provide. Artificial grass around a pool can also provide a cooling effect during the scorching, hot summer days. Walking on a slippery and hot concrete surface is not at all comfortable. However, when you have Green Pros install the best artificial grass Moreno Valley, you can be sure that your bare feet will be walking in sheer comfort. The extra rubber padding placed under the artificial grass creates a comfortable surface to walk on, and it is also slip resistant, which means no more accidents around the pool. With artificial grass installed around your pool, you can definitely lounge around the pool without a care in the world.

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Long-term Benefits of Artificial Grass

Long-term Benefits of Artificial Grass

When you hear the term best artificial grass Los Angeles, or best artificial turf Los Angeles, the first thing that comes to mind is a soccer field. Artificial grass is commonly used for sports fields due to the higher maintenance required by natural grass. Due to the fact that natural grass takes so much time and effort to maintain, many have turned to artificial turf, as it does not require maintenance like natural grass.

Artificial grass was developed in the late 1960s as many sports clubs and communities hired lawn turf installers Los Angeles because it was so durable and easy to pave. Unlike natural grass, best artificial grass Los Angeles does not have to be constantly replaced or groomed. Many argue that artificial grass can be quite expensive, however, when you add up the years of maintenance of natural grass compared to artificial grass, it is more costly in the long run.

Many sports clubs decided on using best artificial turf Los Angeles because it gives players more control of the ball for smoother passes. Artificial grass offers cushioning that greatly reduces injuries sustain on a playing field. The best part of having artificial grass installed in playing fields is that it gives uniform playing conditions, unlike natural grass fields where the turf is uneven.

With artificial grass, there is a one time payment for installation and homeowners don’t have to worry about replacing it, or maintaining it for at least 20-30 years! That is a worthwhile investment. Not only is artificial grass low maintenance, but it can also withstand wear and tear from animals, which is something that natural grass cannot do on its own. Artificial grass installation by Green Pros will ensure that you don’t have to worry about replacing your grass where there is high traffic.

Natural grass attracts rodents and other animals, but not with artificial grass. It is basically a rodent repellent since there is nothing there to attract the animals to your artificial lawn. Since artificial grass does not attract animals, this will prolong the life of your artificial grass.

Green Pros recommends looking for best artificial grass Los Angeles that is usually made with materials that include polyethylene, polypropylene, or polyamide, which aid in keeping your artificial grass endure hot weather conditions and have a long lifespan for long–term benefits.


Landscaping With Artificial Grass

Landscaping With Artificial Grass

Over the years, landscapers and architects have long hailed the benefits and advantages that come with installing top artificial grass Pomona. Lawns will always look perfectly neat and manicured condition with the best lawn turf Pomona. Advanced technology had improved the look and feel of artificial grass as it is made with synthetic fibers that look and feel like the real thing.

Among the many ideas for landscaping with the best artificial grass Pomona includes replacing your entire front lawn with artificial grass. Not only will you get an aesthetic looking lawn that is appropriate for the climate conditions, but you will also be able to take advantage of all the government incentives that are offered with replacing your natural grass lawn with best lawn turf Pomona.

If you like to entertain and have a lot of social gatherings at your house then artificial grass is the perfect idea. How? By installing a putting green in your backyard, it will encourage people to do an activity together and a chance to communicate with each other and improve their golfing style. If you have a pool in the backyard then artificial turf is a much better option than just having concrete surround your pool. Artificial turf around a pool makes it safer for pool goers to avoid a slip and fall on your property, and you can avoid a potential lawsuit.

However, if you prefer to be by yourself, you can have Green Pros design an artificial grass landscape with the best artificial grass Pomona that include vibrant succulents and create a peaceful Zen-like xeriscape garden. You will find yourself looking forward to come home and relax.

Do you have pets? Artificial grass is beneficial for pet owners because it is much more convenient for doggy duty cleanup and much more sanitary. This means that cleanup won’t be such a stressful mess. Have children? Top artificial grass Pomona is also a great way to avoid scrapes and bumps for your precious little ones in the backyard. Kids need a space where they can run freely where you don’t have to constantly worry about their safety.

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Artificial Grass Vs Natural Grass

Artificial Grass Vs. Natural Grass

If you are not a particular fan of gardening and yard work, or live in a climate where you only experience year-long summer temperatures then Green Pros recommends that you make the switch from natural grass to artificial grass. While both options offer a lot of incentives, there are also drawbacks, it is always important to use what is right for you.


At best, natural grass lawns need to be manicured during the summer months and you will be raking leaves in the fall. However, in order to keep a very lush and attractive lawn and garden you will have to spend more time on maintaining its pristine appearance. You will have to invest on fertilizers, soil, insecticides, and water bills. If you live in places like California, you know that water is a precious resource, a resource that is not as vastly available as it once was. There are many cities and counties that have imposed irrigation restrictions in order not to dry up our water resources.

Artificial turf Granada Hills requires much less maintenance than natural grass. It does not require mowing, tending, watering, etc. It is so easy to clean and to care for. Simply hosing it down and giving it a good sweep is all it takes to maintain your perfectly manicured forever-green lawn.


A lot of people have trouble getting past the fact that the artificial grass Granada Hills installed by Green Pros is not the real thing. We have to agree, there is nothing like the real feeling of natural grass. However, in order to protect our valuable resources, we have to do our part in order to reduce our carbon and save water. This is the main reason why our customers made the switch from natural to artificial grass. Green Pros installs artificial grass Granada Hills that is made with multi-colored blades in order to give your new lawn a more natural look.


Having a natural grass lawn becomes a never-ending cycle of bills, bills, bills! Making a lump sum payment with Green Pros, the artificial grass cost Granada Hills means you will have year-round green grass that can last you over a decade.


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Artificial Grass Cleanup, Easier Than You Think

Natural grass is beautiful, there is no denying that, but artificial grass is just as beautiful, and requires less maintenance. When you decided on fake grass for backyard Los Angeles, Green Pros has the best synthetic lawn prices Los Angeles. The trouble with a natural lawn is that it requires a lot of maintenance and a lot of commitment. With the California drought and El Niño never showing up, it’s not very convenient to have natural grass. In fact, it would be considered downright wasteful. This is why you should consider outdoor artificial grass carpet Los Angeles.

Having artificial grass is especially ideal if you are a pet owner, because everyone knows how difficult it is to cleanup after your pet. When you water your fake grass for backyard Los Angeles every now and again, you will be able to remove a lot of dirt and debris. Whenever your pet is finished doing their business, all you have to do is hose down your artificial grass and that’s it! You don’t have to use a rake to clean up twigs and small debris, all you need is a fine broom and you are done with lawn duty.

High traffic on a natural lawn can lead to patchy areas and there’s nothing you can do about it other than spend more money on new patches of natural grass. However, with outdoor artificial grass carpet Los Angeles, all you have to do is pass a leaf blower over your fake grass for backyard Los Angeles. This will fluff up your grass and make it look like new. Another artificial grass cleaning hack is to spray some fabric softener in order to decrease the static as well as clean the individual fibers. There are also cleaning detergents that are specially made to clean up stains on artificial grass.

Easy cleanup is one of the many ways that investing in fake grass for backyard Los Angeles is a beneficial advantage. You will save a lot of money with an outdoor artificial grass carpet Los Angeles.


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Backyard Putting Greens, The New Thing

If you are familiar with golf, then you should know that perfecting your putt is the most important aspect of the game, and practice makes perfect. You may be asking yourself, what does a putting green have to do with artificial turf Pomona? Well, due to the drought and the rise of the popularity of artificial grass Pomona, homeowners are looking for creative ways to transform their backyards. Installing a putting green in your backyard is not as expensive as one may think, it is actually cost effective compared to having a natural grass yard. By installing artificial turf Pomona, you are freeing yourself from having to maintain a natural grass lawn during the summer months. Water bills are expensive and are basically unnecessary during a drought.

While artificial grass installation Pomona is cost-effective, there are also many advantages to installing a putting green in your backyard. Artificial grass Pomona is durable, and with unpredictable California weather, you’ll be glad to invest in artificial turf Pomona. It is also requires less maintenance and anyone who leads a very hectic life can understand that. Actually, anyone that would like to save some money with skyrocketing mortgages in Southern California would appreciate the cost effectiveness and little maintenance that is required with an artificial turf putting green.

Did we mention that installing a putting green is also a wise investment, because it’s durable and chemical free? Artificial grass Pomona can free you from using chemicals and pesticides to maintain the upkeep of your natural grass. With an artificial putting green you eliminate the chances of inhaling all those toxic chemicals. Artificial putting greens are also durable and pet-friendly. The average lifespan of artificial grass Pomona can last anywhere between 15-20 years, imagine the savings on water and maintenance! The fact that an artificial putting green is also pet-friendly is a major advantage because we all know that pet cleanup can be pretty messy and time consuming. Any homeowner would appreciate the easy cleanup after a pet has finished doing their business on artificial grass.

All of the aforementioned are great reasons why you should install a putting green in your backyard. This also beneficial for the homeowner that is a golf aficionado who wants to perfect their game without having to pay the high costs of a country club or miniature golf.


10 Tips on Water Wise Landscaping

Water is the most precious resource that our planet has, and it has become a more precious of a precious commodity ever since the drought in California began in 2012. Therefore, it is very important to conserve this valuable resource by installing artificial grass Chino Hills. This is especially true for Southern Californian homeowners, as the drought has severely affected the region, where being water wise is not only a social responsibility, but also a mandatory requirement, which is why you should consider top artificial grass Chino Hills. The cost of fake grass Chino Hills is not as expensive as one would think.

Water wise landscaping is the way of the future, as droughts and climate change are environmental issues that are finally being taken seriously. Lack of proper planning and faulty designs that do not take the environment into consideration has resulted in unnecessary water waste leading people to install artificial grass Chino Hills. When homeowners decide to implement a water wise landscape into their backyard, it not only helps the environment, but it creates a welcoming space and the cost of fake grass Chino Hills was affordable.

Smart, water wise landscaping consists of using the right selection of plants and use of suitable soil, and top artificial grass Chino Hills. Plants must be able to receive enough water to survive. Most water is wasted on overwatering our plants, water runoff, and evaporation. As a result, water bills skyrocket and it can even result in fines, which is why you should seek out top artificial grass Chino Hills. Water wise landscaping will result in low maintenance gardening, and a dramatic reduction in water bills by installing artificial grass Chino Hills.

Below, are ten helpful water wise landscaping tips. Follow these tips, and you, and the environment will benefit.

  1. Minimize your lawn. That’s right, tear out the lawn and replace it with turf grass. The lawn is what causes the most unnecessary water waste resulting in higher bills.
  2. A proper landscape design and proper placement of plants will save water.
  3. Investing in underground sprinklers and drip irrigation, that are timed-regulated, allows you to properly manage how much water you are using.
  4. Using the proper soil and proper soil management. Your soil is just as important as your plants.
  5. It is important to use organic or mineral materials.
  6. Weed removal is beneficial, as it steals water away from your plants.
  7. Use large, nonporous containers.
  8. The best times to water your lawn and yard are before sunrise, or after sunset, when the sunlight is least harsh.
  9. Adjusting sprinkler heads.
  10. Create seasonal water schedules so that you may water less frequently during the cooler months of the year.

In applying proper landscaping design tactics, you will have a beautiful garden made of artificial grass Chino Hills that will save you a lot of money and benefit the environment.


Wising Up With Smart Irrigation

Have you ever found yourself wondering why the lawn sprinklers are on despite the weather conditions? Irrigation systems are set on a timer that will go off at the same time every day; rain, shine, tidal wave, etc. Due to advancements in technology we no longer have to waste vast amounts of water due to an archaic irrigation system, as now you can program some water irrigation systems from your very own phone. Irrigation systems have become smarter as we have wised up about our very own water usage, and this will help you efficiently manage your water usage. By installing artificial grass Moreno Valley and having a smart irrigation system, you will be able to save a lot of money.

Smart water irrigation systems are activated by collecting data from weather satellites, or from nearby weather stations. The small monitors are mounted and connected to each other with the main controller of the irrigation system. The real time data collected by these monitors and it changes the time of the irrigation controller in case there is a chance of rain. Isn’t it a relief that there is finally an irrigation system that is just as convenient as using your phone? It would also be convenient to have an outdoor grass carpet Moreno Valley.

Having a controlled irrigation system will also help you be more organized about your watering schedule since you have the best lawn turf Moreno Valley. You no longer feel that you need to be home in order to turn off your sprinkler system as most smart water irrigation systems come with apps that will control your water usage from anywhere. It’s smart and convenient because it is certain that you already have a lot on your plate and you don’t need another stress factor to add to your life. You need an irrigation system because you need something that is low maintenance.

Before installing your new irrigation system, be sure to check for leaks, any hardware that may be malfunctioning, water pressure, and other issues that may affect the effectiveness of your water usage. It is best to have a certified professional conduct a landscape inspection. Repairing problems before such an investment is made will result in fewer expenses being made in the future due to oversight. We need to incorporate every little bit to ensure that we are using all our resources in the wisest way possible, especially by laying artificial grass Moreno Valley.

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Artificial Grass, the Best Option for Pet Owners

There are many benefits to having a pet, you will rest assured you have someone in your life that loves you unconditionally, so you would want to do anything in your power to ensure that your pet is well taken care of. After all, pets help individuals with anxiety and can be considered to be therapeutic company. Pets put up with your collective neurosis, so why wouldn’t you want to make their life just as easy as they are making yours. Artificial grass Los Angeles is fast becoming a good option for pet owners because artificial grass Los Angeles requires less maintenance and a dog is able to enjoy the outdoors without leaving behind a huge mess for you to clean up. Artificial grass Los Angeles is easy to maintain, and easy to clean when your pet has done its dirty business. All you have to do is give the pet stain a quick scrub down instead of trying to hose it down with water.

Cleaning up after a pet can be very tiresome from time to time. Having artificial turf Los Angeles can make your life easier with your pet, it prevents them from digging up the yard and it lowers the risk of bringing in unwanted bacteria into the house. There is nothing more stressful than having to come home to a mess that you don’t have the energy to clean up. Although it is ideal to be able to have your pet run around and dig up the yard, it is not worth the effort to upkeep a lawn during a drought only to have a pet dig it up, which is why you should get artificial turf Los Angeles. This also wouldn’t be beneficial if your pet has chronic health problems, having fertilizers and pesticides can harm your pet in the long term. It is also beneficial to know that your pet will gather up less dirt and requires less baths with artificial turf Los Angeles. This will dramatically lessen your need to clean up after your pet since you have artificial turf Los Angeles. Dry grass and thorny weeds can endanger your pet; it would be irresponsible to have a neglected lawn because pets get entangled amongst the thorn bushes.

It is always important to consider the safety of your pet, which is why artificial grass is so beneficial for a pet’s sake. Many pet owners consider installing artificial grass Los Angeles to be the best option for modern landscaping, and are, most importantly, pet approved. There haven’t been any complaints so far. Installing artificial grass Los Angeles will be a win-win situation for you, as a pet owner, and a water-wise person. By installing artificial grass Los Angeles, you are doing yourself and your pet a favor.

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Landscaping with Cacti—Not So Rosy!

With the increase of record-breaking, scorching temperatures, it would only make sense to switch from thorny roses to succulent and cacti when you install artificial turf Pomona. This form of landscaping with cacti is known as xeriscaping, a term that is becoming a common term among more water conscious homeowner who’ve installed artificial grass Pomona. Xeriscaping is changing the way we view our gardens and landscapes. The ideal garden was perceived to being lush green lawns and rose bushes, with tulips and petunias, but it is no longer that way. All those lawns with the rose bushes require a lot of water, a resource that is quite scarce at the moment as we move into our fourth year of the drought, which is why artificial grass cost Pomona is affordable.

There are many benefits to landscaping with cacti, especially in a drought-stricken region like Southern California, especially when you install artificial turf Pomona. The number one reason it’s so beneficial is because it saves vast amounts of water. A self-reliant plant, cacti require little maintenance and care, which means you, are fulfilling your environmental responsibility with little to no effort. We all appreciate one less thing to worry about and cacti can be considered to be similar to a latchkey child. Another way to save water is the use of hydrozoning, when plants are zoned together according to their water requirements when you install artificial grass Pomona. This is a great organizational tool for those who have trouble remembering how much commitment and effort it requires to take care of a plant; the less time, the better. This is why a lot of people appreciate the low artificial grass cost Pomona.

Cacti plants are desert plants and native to the Southwest, the most affected region of the drought. Using native plants, in their native environment usually results in a beneficial outcome. Cacti can survive scorching temperatures; therefore you don’t have to worry about where to plant them, as they are very adaptable to the heat. It’s stress relieving to know that you can plant your cacti almost anywhere and not worry about whether or not it will survive, that’s how self-reliant cacti are, they don’t need you to worry about them. You also don’t have to worry about your artificial turf Pomona, or your artificial grass Pomonoa.

Also, planting cacti has many useful purposes, such as producing aloe vera, which is used for burns and minor skin ailments. Growing your own aloe vera plant will be beneficial when you get sunburned in the summer months. Some cacti are used as a side dish to many Southwestern and Latin cuisines, as it is proven to have many healthy benefits consumed. Making your own aloe vera water will also be beneficial to your health. Landscaping with cacti and artificial grass Pomona makes the most of our scarce resources.