How Artificial Turf Evolved

Artificial turf installations Reseda have been around for decades. Though, it is nowhere nearly in such high demand as it is since the past ten years. Originally, fake grass was designed to use in sports fields. This was because the large and vivid grass fields for games were starting to get way too hard to maintain. There is a lot of money going into maintaining the beauty of sports fields, and more importantly watering it daily. The invention of fake grass made a huge impact to these big fields, which are simply fibers in layers that are made to look exactly like real grass. Now, fake grass services Los Angeles are being used all over residential and commercial properties by Green Pros.

Advantages Of Turf

Some homeowners and commercial property owners like to cover their entire landscapes with artificial grass, while others like to cover it partially. It is all up to your preference. The best part about this invention is because of all the hassle of maintenance that is used for real grass. Because Southern California is mostly in a drought, water is scarce and we must help conserve it for our environment. By obtaining artificial grass, you can say goodbye to spending tons of money on your water bills. Many homeowner and commercial property owners find themselves spending excessive amounts of money on their water bills due to maintaining their landscapes and keeping it looking alive.

Another great advantage of artificial grass is that it looks amazing all year round. It does not matter what season it is, your grass will be looking phenomenal. Usually, landscapes tend to die out during the summer because of the harsh heat waves. But, your grass will be brighter than ever and the best part is that it doesn’t even need any water to maintain it’s natural vibrant look. Artificial grass is known for not getting any weeds in between them. If you look at real grass, you will notice weeds poking through them, making it look unattractive. Not only does this not look good, but it can slowly kill your grass, plants, and flowers. This is because it eats the nutrients in the soil that helps it grow.

There are tons of reasons why many people are making the switch to artificial turf installations Reseda. It can only benefit you when you have it done to your landscaping. Did we mention that it will boost the value of your home? Call Green Pros today for a free consultation!



Using Paver Installations For Your New Patio

When taking that extra step to create a beautiful patio for your yard, there are many ways to get creative with the process. When first building, our team at Green Pros highly recommends using our paver installation services Los Angeles for a stunning looking patio. Just the look of our pavers make all of the difference, because they are eye-catching and add great curb appeal. The benefits of pavers are endless, which is why your professionals at Green Pros provides you with affordable paver services Orange County.

Pavers For Patios & More

There are tons of great benefits of paver installations, which is why it has become overly popular in the last decade. The best part about these are their durability. They are so strong and completely weatherproof. You won’t have to worry about big thunderstorms and heavy winds damaging your pavers, because they won’t. They will always look stunning without loosing it’s natural beauty regardless of what weather conditions you live in. So, you do not need to worry about any cracks or De-roding of your paving stones due to natural causes.

Green Pros has many different types of paver designs, colors, and shapes to choose from. This makes the process a lot more simpler, as you have a wider range of choices that can match your yard perfectly. The best part of choosing the right paver is that it will give your home a beautiful aesthetic appeal. They give off a unique look that will boost traffic flow to your yard. Whether it be a lot of friends or family members over to relax with a cup of coffee, have an outdoor dinner, or for a special occasion, they will love your new paver installations.

Did you know pavers are used for many different things outdoors? Green Pros installs pavers not only for patios, but for walkways, driveways, pools, and more. Just by re-doing your driveway with these materials will boost your home’s curb appeal. If your home has an old and dull driveway that does not have any character to it, than replacing it with pavers will make a huge difference.

Green Pros’ paver installations are always affordable, and we ensure our clients only the best quality materials. The installation process will be stress-free and our team will handle all of your needs. Start turning your home into the house of your dreams- call us today for a free consultation on affordable paver services Orange County!

Artificial Turf For Baseball Fields

Baseball is one of America’s favorite sports, and is a hobby that is cherished by many people all over the world. It is fun, exciting, and a perfect sport to watch on a Sunday afternoon. A big baseball team that is popular are the Houston Astros, and spend most of their day outdoors. They are a leading baseball team, and enjoy playing on fake grass fields for practices and games. This is why so many people love it, especially in the Southern California region. Many baseball teams are making the switch to artificial grass installations Long Beach, because of all of it’s benefits to their players. Green Pros, your affordable synthetic turf contractors LA are here to tell you all of it’s benefits for sports players.

Baseball Teams Are Hoping On-Board

Whether it is for weekly practices or for weekend championship games, artificial turf has got you covered. The best part about this turf is that it is weatherproof. This is crucial for sports teams, because of constant weather changes. If it pours rain, it is hard to play on real grass because of the wetness, the mud, and the slip and fall cautions. If you are running on real grass during a rainy season, you can severely injure yourself, which is very dangerous.

Another big issue with baseball fields is that there is a lot of kicking and sliding going on with the sport itself. This leads to a ton of required maintenance, and damages to real grass because of dirt piles and holes. You will find yourself having to take care of the field daily, to ensure that it is ready for the team the next day. With fake grass, it is extremely durable, so there will not be any holes or piles of dirt. It is so strong and sturdy, because Green Pros makes sure that it is of the highest quality turf. This offers a consistent ability to play, and nothing will be able to stop you from continuing a game.

Artificial turf is worth the buck. Not only does this turf last you for the next very many years, but it leaves a great upsale value. Regardless of where you decide to put your new sports field, it is worth a good chunk of money in the future. Potential buyers of residential and commercial properties love artificial turf, because it is easy and cost-effective. The best part is that it does not require much maintenance, saving you a lot of time. It does not need watering which automatically saves you a ton of money on your water bills. All that artificial turf requires is an occasional sweep or excess leaves, debris, or dirt.

There are tons of reasons why baseball teams like the Houston Astros have made the switch to artificial grass installations Long Beach. It is because it is worth it, and you no longer will need to struggle during, before, or after playing a baseball game. Contact Green Pros, your affordable synthetic turf contractors LA for a free consultation today!


Eco Friendly: Wise Water Landscaping

Being an environmental lover is the new trend, and it is a great one. So great in fact, that our environment is slowly starting to improve every month little by little. A great way to continue this process for the environment, and also for yourself is to have eco friendly wise water landscaping. Green Pros, the best wise water landscape company Woodland Hills, is here to help you save tons of money and preserve our natural surroundings.

How To Be Eco-Friendly With Landscaping

First comes the planning and assessing process. You should figure out how you want to improve your landscaping, and where things should be placed. Artificial turf should be your first priority, as it should take up most of your lawn. This way, you do not ever need to water it, saving you tons of money on your water bills! Once you figure out exactly where you want everything to go and how you want to design your landscaping space, the fun part begins.

After picking out your artificial turf: what shade of grass you want, how much of it you want, and where you want it, you can pick out your plants.Green Pros provides their clients with a lot of different selections of plants that will ensure you little maintenance to them. For example, having nice aloe, cactus, agave, Mexican bush sage plants, etc., will not only have your landscaping look amazing, but will save you money on water bills. Other good things about wise water plants is that they are good for not just water savings, but energy savings, blocking some sunlight out, blocking unwanted noise out, and giving you privacy from your neighbors.

Next comes mulch installations. There are tons of benefits of mulch, besides the fact that it looks great in your yard. Mulch is highly popular in trend over the last few years. This is because it absorbs enough water to feed off of itself, and also does not require much  maintenance. It stops weeds from growing through plants and flowers, and traps them underneath the soil. Do you experience yourself pulling out weeds every single week for hours at a time? This can be a drag, very time consuming, and mulch can be very cost effective this way. Plus, Green Pros provides several different types of mulches, with different colors, sizes, and natural-looking shapes.

The best part of having an eco friendly wise-water landscaping in your front and backyard is that you are benefiting from it, as well as the environment. You are supporting the whole “Go Green” concept, which is slowly what more and more individuals are starting to do every year. Take the next step, for you and your family, and start saving money with this simple yet beautiful alternative. Call your special wise water landscaping company Woodland Hills today for a free consultation!


Adding Detail To Your Artifical Turf Installations

When you are sick of maintaining and taking care of the grass in your home, you should make the smart step to switch to artificial grass installations Los Angeles. Just by taking this step, you will automatically see a decrease in your regular monthly water bill amount. Green Pros, your fake grass company Van Nuys, is here to not only tell you about the benefits of artificial turf, but how to add extra detail to it to make it stand out in your yard.

Adding Details

A great thing about artificial turf is that you can get creative with the installation process. For example, you can cut it and shape it however you like. If there is a section of your yard that you do not want to have artificial turf on, we can go around that area. If you want a specific design done with artificial turf, that is also possible to do. To go even more in detail with it’s structure, you can place artificial turf around the walkways of your front and backyard, pathways, around your pool to avoid slip and falls, and more!

The next detail to consider when having artificial turf installed is what colors you want in your yard. If you want a more unique detail, you can even have two shades of color for your grass, in different areas. For shady areas of your yard you can go with lighter colors, and for more sunny areas you can do slightly darker tones. Also, adding things on top of the turf will make it look much more surreal. For example, adding a nice water fountain to the entrance of your yard would look stunning, as well as a gazebo.

Another creative and popular way to work with your fake grass is to add stamped concrete or pavers in the middle of it, to section it off. This adds a stunning and unique concrete pathway that lets your family and guests walk through to get to and from your home. With stamped concrete and pavers, Green Pros has a wide selection of different designs, colors, and patterns to choose from. Having stamped concrete in your landscape will not only make your home look good, but it will boost the value of your home. Since artificial grass installations Los Angeles are in such high demand, it will give you a great return on investment and make your home go up in value.

There are tons of small details you can do to create a much more appealing and gorgeous space with your fake grass. While you may be thinking of what details will look good in your home, this is where our professionals at Green Pros are here to help! Call our fake grass company Van Nuys for a free consultation!








Installing Mulch In Your Garden

If you take a little stroll down your neighborhood, you will notice that many of your neighbors have mulch installations Long Beach. Mulch is an alternative to soil, sand, grass, and pretty much anything that is costly and requires maintenance in your lawn. While there are tons of benefits to mulch for your home, this type of material can save you a ton of money. Did we mention that this material looks stunning in your yard? The look of this mulch is what people love most, because it is very unique and subtle, and gives your home a more desert feel. Green Pros are mulch installing contractors Calabasas who highly recommend this look to all of their clients.

Benefits Of Mulch For Your Landscaping

Regardless if you are looking for mulch for your own home, or for your commercial property, the benefits you will receive will be endless.  Aside from its unique and innovative appearance, mulch stops the growth of unwanted weeds in your garden. We have all experienced having to deal with and take out all of the messy weeds that are wearing away at our gardens. It prevents weeds because mulch is planted deep enough into the soil so that it traps weeds from growing above. Another great thing about mulch is that it helps keep your plants and flowers alive and looking well. This is because it tremendously helps the soil around your plants. It improves soil structure, and helps it even its temperature. Meaning, that during hot summers, it will help regulate keeping the soil cooler, and during very cold winters it helps warm up the soil. This is great for your plants and flowers, because it will keep them fresh. Mulch also adds nutrients to your soil.

Green Pros mulch comes in different colors and shapes to choose from. Depending on your preference, we can sit with you and show you pictures of previous work done with this material, and advise you on which colors and styles you should pick. Some of our very popular ones include: walk on bark, red dyed chips, small bark nuggets, medium bark, forest floor, and brown dyed chips. All of these looks are stunning yet differently unique.

The best part about mulch installations Long Beach is that you can have it for many years and will save money during all of this time. If your bills are causing you stress and pain, you need to switch to wise water landscaping to resolve this problem. Call the mulch installing contractors, Green Pros, today for a free consultation!

The Beauty Of Drought Tolerant Landscaping

The rise of “going green” has increased tremendously among individuals who own residential and commercial properties. This is because it has so many great benefits. Not only does it help conserve and save our natural environment from suffering, but it helps us save money at the same time. A slightly new and popular way of achieving both of these goals is by installing affordable drought tolerant landscaping. This is a way for your yard to still look gorgeously stunning all year long, while you save money and help the Earth. This word has a powerful meaning behind it, as it means less water being used. Green Pros, the best drought tolerant landscaping installers LA are here to tell you all the reasons why you should make the switch.

Let’s face it- if you are living in Southern California, you most likely already gave up on trying to maintain a nice looking lawn. You realized that all of the time, energy, and money you put into it is simply not working for you. Also, the natural heat makes our landscaping die out very quickly, which ruins all that we worked hard for. Imagine a life with a perfect landscape that you do not need to touch?

Types Of Drought Tolerant Landscape

The first obvious and more effective way to save money and help the environment is by installing fake grass. This can take up a good portion of your yard to make it look more beautiful than ever. Did you know that fake grass will stay bright and healthy looking all year long? Rain or shine, you still will have the most perfect grass from all of your community neighbors. A big reason why homeowners get fake grass is because of safety purposes. It is completely weather resistant, so it is safe for children and pets to go out and not have slip/fall accidents. Fake turf absorbs water and moisture unlike real grass, so that it is ready to be played on the next day after a thunderstorm.

Aside from artificial turf, there are many plants that add attentive detail to your home that don’t require much maintenance. For example, if you are going for a more desert-type look for your home, cactus plants and aloe are an excellent choice. As they have many great benefits, they also look stunning and unique. These plants hardly require maintenance, as they actually store water in their roots. An occasional sprinkle of water or even if there is a seasonal rainfall occurring would be perfect for these plants to stay up to speed. There are tons of other types of plants and flowers that would look great in your yard such as shrimp plants, dark water flax, bottle brush, lavender, and more.

While there are many different options that our best drought tolerant landscaping installers LA can offer you for your perfect yard, we need to start conserving our environment. Because this is a place where our kids’ kids will grow old and live on, we can only do whatever we can now to help save it. If you don’t have it already, you should consider switching to affordable drought tolerant landscaping. Call Green Pros today for a free consultation!

Stay Healthy Year Round With Artificial Grass

If you are a serious fitness-junkie, you have came to the right blog post. There are millions of people who are working out every hour of the day to stay healthy and looking/feeling good. Because we live in Southern California, the weather is always great for the most part, but during the winter there can be some harsh rainy seasons. This often puts a hold on working out for many people, because they simply cannot go out to their backyards without being wet, muddy, or dirty.

Whether your most enjoyable way to spend your workout is by doing yoga, pilates, weight lifting, or playing sports with your family, doing it in your backyard is the easiest. With real grass, it limits you from being able to workout after a rain shower occurs. With artificial grass services LA, your grass will be completely dry and ready for work out just a few hours after the weather change. Incredible right? Our specialists and Green Pros make this happen with our durable artificial turf Tarzana.

How To Stay Fit Year Round

Since the outdoors is the best way to work out and play sports with your family, making sure you have the right backyard is a key element to making this happen year round. There are many cases in which individuals have to put a hold on what they are doing due to the weather conditions. This will also stop your children from being able to let loose outside and play sports with their friends, if you have real grass. This is all because real grass does not soak up the water that rains, leaving it drenching and flooding your grass for even several days afterwards. And, you do not want to risk being covered in mud while working out or doing a sport at home. The best part about artificial grass is that it is functional year round, with every season. It does not require much maintenance, and especially no water. This not only saves you tons of money on your bills, but it basically takes care of itself. Because it is ready for use year round, you can continue to stay healthy and active at all times.

Being able to work out and watch your children play sports on your grass even after a day of pouring rain is an amazing feeling. Did you know that fake grass is resistant to wear and tear? If your kids play heavy duty sports such as soccer or football, they will probably be kicking at the grass and running/sliding a lot. If you have real grass this will damage it tremendously. The good thing about fake grass is that it is so durable, it will not get ruining from kicking or gliding.

There are tons of ways that artificial turf will help you stay active and healthy at all times of the year. If you are a fitness junkie or your family loves to play sports outdoors, then this durable artificial turf Tarzana is right for you. Call Green Pros today for a free consultation on artificial grass services LA.


Having Pets Are Easy With Fake Grass

You may not even want to bother fixing up your yard because of your pets. Some people give up completely when it comes to taking care of their landscaping, because your animals just destroy everything anyways. This is where you can take a whole new toll on a gorgeous landscaping. With fake grass installations Woodland Hills, you will never have to worry about your beautiful lawn getting ruined by your pets. Green Pros, the licensed artificial turf specialists LA will provide you with bright grass for many years to come.

How It Resists Pet Damage

Like many people in Southern California, having pets helps keep you company and fill your life with love. This is why we continue to keep our pets for many years, even though sometimes they come with consequences. Pets love to get down and dirty, especially dogs. If you have dogs, you know that the second they get energized they are at it all day long.

The first way that pets can damage real grass:

  1. When pets urinate and do their personal business, they harm your real grass. Urine has acid in it and a high Ph level, which permanently stains your grass and turns it from a bright healthy green to brown and dead. This burns and dries out your grass that you have spend tons of money watering and keeping alive. With artificial grass, you will never experience this problem. When a pet deposits it’s urine on the artificial turf, the grass features will help automatically absorb it so that it does not stay and stain the area.
  2. It is very common for dogs to dig big holes in front and backyards to bury items or just for fun. While this is exciting for them, it is extremely frustrating for their owners. Digging holes causes huge damage to your real grass, as once the grass is ripped out of place it either does not grow back or takes a long time to re-appear. With fake grass, you cannot dig holes. Green Pro’s fake turf is so strong, durable, and of great quality, that pets will be unable to dig.
  3. Next, weather and pets are also a big issue. If there is heavy rainfall, the next day grass tends to store all of the mud and dirt from the weather before. This is a big problem for animals, because they need to go outside several times a day. Pets with mud on their hands and feet are difficult to clean, and makes your home very dirty in the winter time. Don’t be stressed- with fake grass this will not happen. Our grass is weatherproof, so even if there was a thunderstorm the night before, the next day it will be completely dry and mud free. Your home will be clean and mud-free all winter long.

There are many benefits of fake grass installations Woodland Hills for your pets. Not only will you love your new installation, but your pets will love it even more. It is completely safe, non-toxic and great for them to play on. If you do not have this installation already, call our licensed artificial turf specialists LA for a free consultation.

Give Your Driveway Curb Appeal: Concrete Installations

For anyone and everyone visiting your home, they most likely enter from the front of your house. And, the first thing they always see is a driveway leading up to your front door. Wouldn’t you want your entry way to look stunning and appealing? This is a big factor to consider when remodeling or building a new home, because it will boost curb appeal. Ever notice residents on your street with yards that are not done up? These homes always look like they are in construction or not fully complete. Now yours can look well-put together with concrete installation services Los Angeles. Green Pros, a licensed construction company LA will make it their priority to give you the best looking driveway and walkway for your home.

Getting Creative For Curb Appeal

You want people to get that “wow” factor after visiting your home, because it makes you feel good. Let’s face it- it makes everyone feel great when others compliment their living space. Here are some ways to start gaining more curb appeal and up the resale value of your home:

Having a big walk way that leads to the front door is absolutely stunning. You can get very creative with your pathways and do many types of things. For example, you can build stairs that lead from the bottom of your home to your door, with special stones and rocks for decoration. If you currently have a walkway and/or driveway that has cracks on them and damages, it can be dangerous for you and your family. This can cause your children to trip, fall, and even damage your car’s tires.This is a great time to invest in a new walkway and driveway.

A very common walkway and driveway type homeowners love to do is concrete and artificial turf together. This adds more extra detail to your home and makes it look stunning at all times. Plus, since your landscape has artificial turf, it does not get damaged by cars or people walking. If you decide to just stick with plain concrete, that is a great decision. You are able to choose any color concrete you wish, that will mesh well with the exterior color of your home. The great thing about concrete is that it is very durable and strong. It is extremely smooth and will not crack from the weather changes, like others might do. Also, many people love concrete because it is long lasting. If you do not want to deal with cracking and having to re-do your driveway several years down the line, Green Pros highly recommends concrete for your front and backyard.

The great thing about concrete is also that it does not require much maintenance. All you will need to do to clean your driveway and/or walkway is an occasional sweep or watering it down with a yard hose. This is to get excess debris and dirt off of your stunning concrete installation! If you have not already gotten your concrete installation services Los Angeles, you should do it as soon as possible to boost curb appeal and the value of your home. Call our licensed construction company today for a free consultation!