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Over the years, artificial grass has been gaining ground and is quickly becoming recognized for being an Eco-friendly and money-saving addition to your home, especially in the Los Angeles area. Artificial grass doesn’t need water, fertilizer, or that weekly mowing. The market for artificial grass is growing rapidly, driven by a combination of improved manufacturing techniques and an increasing awareness  of the long-term environmental and economic benefits.

Originally, artificial grass was limited to large sports clubs. However, since artificial grass is drought tolerant, it has become widespread in garden around most residential neighborhoods. There is something wonderful and amazing about artificial grass and most homeowners enjoy its lasting beauty and zero maintenance features. Whether throwing or kicking a ball, lying in the shade on a hot day, or just sitting outside on a warm night.

The natural aridity in some places like Los Angeles has encouraged homeowners to choose artificial grass as a better alternative for their landscaping needs. This is due to the fact that maintaining green grass in this arid region is usually difficult, time consuming, and expensive.

The people of Los Angeles have taken pride in their landscaping for a long time.  With the advent of artificial grass and its unique tough, long lasting, beautiful, and drought tolerant features, landscaping in and around Los Angeles has been made easy.


People often ask themselves why they should adopt artificial grass in their landscape design. Just imagine looking out on to durable, beautiful grass where you can relax in summer instead of wasting your time maintaining live grass. Your children can play without regard to damaging sensitive live grass blades. Some of the benefits of artificial grasses include:

  • ORNAMENTAL BENEFITS : Beautification of the surroundings is one of the benefits of artificial grass. It is designed for residential lawns,  urban, and commercial landscape design, leisure activities, and sports. It looks and feels just like well maintained natural grass all year, even in the harshest weather patterns.
  • COST EFFECTIVE TO MAINTAIN : Generally, artificial grass is cost effective to maintain. This is due to the fact that no more mowing, weeding, reseeding, fertilizing or watering is needed. Artificial grass eliminates the need for harmful pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. It saves the money one would have spent on water bill. Once artificial grass has been installed, it is more a matter of keeping clean than maintaining.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY : Artificial grass is environmental friendly . It reduces the soil pollution by eliminating fertilizers and pesticides . Most fertilizers end up in our sewers and contribute to environmental pollution. It dangerous to people, animals and insects.
  • BETTER ENVIRONMENT FOR CHILDREN: Artificial grass is very safe for children to play on. This is due to the fact that weed killers, pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals that would have been used on natural grass are eliminated.
  • ALWAYS FASCINATING : Artificial grass can always withstand the conditions of any season, whether summer, winter or desert. The artificial grass has gone a long way and people now see it as a direct alternative to natural grass . As a result, it is able to change any  landscape into vibrant and lush scenery.

The benefits of artificial grass easily outsshine those of natural grass,  especially if you are living in an area affected by devastating water crisis. Do you want to save money conserving water and  creating a home with exceptional landscape? If yes, Artificial grass may be the option you are looking for.




Our name says it all! Bring your water-wise landscaping ideas to life with GreenPros, your landscaping and artificial turf professionals. Learn about one of our many happy customers, a former fashion designer whose vision became a reality thanks to our easy consultation, design, and installation process.

You’d be surprised how well we can complement your home’s architecture and style with drought tolerant, water wise landscaping designs that will help your wallet  while positively impacting our environment.

Read about this featured project by Greenpros in the L.A times HERE.


Drought Tolerant Plants Importance

The Southern California region is constantly experiencing droughts and shortness of water supply. If you live in this region, you know how important and scarce water supply is, and how much we must conserve it. With that being said, Green Pros is an affordable synthetic grass company that supports the water conservation. By adding water wise plant installations, you are taking that huge step to support your community.

Impact Of Water Wise Plants

The main two reasons that homeowners and commercial property owners switch to this type of landscaping is because it is great for the environment, and it saves you tons of money. The type of plants that our company has allows you to pick from a wide selection of gorgeous colors and types. We only offer ones that will be vivid and bright through out every season transition, and that can stand on their own without much care or looking after. The best part is that you are saving tons of money on your water bills, because you are not watering them daily as regular plants need.

Because Southern California has extremely dry and harsh summers with excess heat, it is important to put in greens that can withstand this season. Beautiful plants such as cacti, aloe, agave, and shrubs are perfect for this type of weather and look great. Some other types of plants our team can install in your landscaping are: Society Garlic, Lavender, Lantana, Kangaroo Paw, Rock Rose, and much more. If you want to switch your entire yard to be drought tolerant, we suggest that you go for synthetic turf. Our top of the line synthetic grass

Traditional landscaping is dying out, which is a good thing. If every homeowner in your community spends about 30 minutes to one hour a day watering their plants and grass, imagine how much water your neighbors are using up altogether? The outcome is shocking. Millions of people are wasting precious amounts of water that we can conserve and use it for much more important things such as drinking or for hygienic purposes.

If you are tired of spending tons of money on your water bills, and keeping up with the long hours of maintenance, Call us today to get started on wise water plant installations.




Perks Of Adding Pavers To Your Driveway Installation

The best part about your home to your neighbors is it’s exterior. More specifically speaking, your driveway is a key factor to the beautiful outside look of your home. This is because it is eye popping and boosts your curb appeal. Wouldn’t you want your home to stand out, over every other home on your block? This is why Green Pros, a licensed driveway contractor is here to provide you with a brand new exterior! Your new paver driveway LA will give you many perks, read on to find out more.

 Driveways With Pavers

The first perk of a paver driveway from Green Pros is that you can park your car safely. Since pavers are very durable and weatherproof, you will not need to worry about cracking your driveway or breaking a part of it in any way. Your car will safely and smoothly pull up to your beautiful home. If you live on a busy street where there are only tight street spots to park in, or hourly signs, if it more worth it to just build your own driveway. You will never have to deal with looking for parking spots again.

Next, Building this type of driveway will make your home’s value go up in price! The minute you add a stunning driveway by Green Pros, it will increase the resale value. This is because it looks better, and is of better quality than a regular basic driveway. It also will attract potential buyers in the future if you decide to sell your home. This makes your landscape and front yard complete, and buyers will really appreciate this. They would much rather pick a home with a great looking driveway than one without because of the hassle to renovate.

Lastly, it will make your home look beautiful and complete, and you too! The best part of a paver driveway is how great it will make you feel, that your house is the best looking home on the block. This encourages many people to invite more guests over for fun nights full of entertainment!

If your driveway is lacking character and is making your home incomplete, than call Green Pros, licensed driveway contractors, today for a free consultation!


Synthetic Grass For Your Patio Or Deck

There are many areas around your home or commercial property where you can have synthetic turf installations. There are tons of benefits of this feature, one of them being that it saves you tons of money on your water bills by not using as much water! If you are trying to find areas in your backyard or front yard to place this grass, you should highly consider installing it on your patio or deck. Green Pros, an affordable synthetic grass company is here to tell you why.

Synthetic Turf Is The Best Option

We all know how fun and convenient it is to have a patio or deck in your yard. This acquires a lot of relaxation, and allows you to unwind with friends and family on long days. When building your deck or patio, the design process is completely up to you and is a very creative one. What Green Pros recommends to their clients is fake grass to cover these areas. Why you may ask? Because it is just easier and looks better. If your patio is rather small, putting fake grass can actually make it seem bigger. Extending the fake grass into your yard from the deck or patio can also make your yard look more full and bigger too.

The best part about having artificial grass in these areas is that it allows you to use your deck and patio all year round. During the winter season, you may be experiencing tons of rainfall or wind storms. This can leave your patio soaking wet and dirty because of the natural causes. With fake grass, it absorbs water and drains it out so that once the rain has stopped it is no longer wet. That is the beauty of this feature, and after the rainfall clears away you are ready to relax. This is also great for children, because they can play on the grassy floor while you read a book and enjoy your cup of coffee.

Cleaning your patio or deck can be a big hassle and also very time consuming. With fake grass, you do not need to do any cleaning. Rain will not cause any mud and dirt to fill up the space and track it into your home. If you are tired of cleaning your patio and deck, and want to be able to put your feet on natural-feeling grass, than you need synthetic turf installations. Call Green Pros, an affordable synthetic grass company today for a free consultation.


Why 3D Design Is Beneficial To You

With today’s innovative technology and advancements of the world, we are able to see and do things that we were unable to before. With that being said, Green Pros is proud to offer their clients 3D landscaping services LA, which is a special service that allows homeowners and commercial property owners to see their new landscaping virtually. This is an amazing experience that many people want to get their hands on.

Benefits Of 3D Landscape

Green Pros, a 3D landscape company in Sherman Oaks, wants their clients to be able to view their landscape and exact designs before they are actually built. Without this feature, the only way to see how your new space will look is through your imagination, or maybe through a sketch drawing. Now you are able to see it come to life right in front of you.

A great thing about 3D landscape design is that you can make changes to your design before hand, if needed. Back before this new and innovative feature was developed, the only real way to get a sense and feel for your company is to take a long walk around your property and point out what you want done to your space. Now this is barely enough of a resource to get you by. You were unable to make small detailed changes without the 3D landscape design, because you did not see it visually to catch anything you wanted to change. With this feature, our team shows you each and every angle of your new design so that you can take a tour of the entire space. After you actually see all of the details of your landscaping space come to life, you will be satisfied and comfortable knowing that it is everything you had dreamed it would be.

The best part about this service Green Pros offers is that our team has many years of experience. We will sit with you for as long as needed and plan out your entire space with our creative team. You will be apart of the process and feel like you built it with us together. We have built beautiful landscapes for many years, so our input can really benefit your home. From artificial turf, to decks and patios, to the flowers/plants and rocks, we have everything covered so you do not need to stress out! Call our landscaping services LA for a free consultation!

Advantage Of A Stamped Concrete Patio

If your home’s patio is looking dull and lifeless, try to switch it up and add some extra pizazz. Just by obtaining small and simple changes to your outdoor patio will already make a huge difference in your home. More specifically, having a stamped concrete installation Los Angeles will make it more appealing and comforting. This is why the specialists at Green Pros, a decorative concrete company Chatsworth, is sharing the benefits of this service that we offer our clients.

Benefits Of Stamped Concrete Patios

The first benefit is the way that your patio will look once the stamped concrete is complete. This is because our company offers our clients a wide variety of different options such as color, design, shape and size. This process is exciting and fun because you can have a say in the entire procedure. We can make your stamped concrete match the exact color of your exterior of your home, or match the design of other parts of your yard. Once it is finished, you will want to show it off to all of your guests when they come over. It makes your patio look more put together and classy.

The next great benefit of decorative concrete is its durability and long lasting quality. Because Green Pros only uses the top and best quality materials when working for their clients, your floor will be sure to last you for a very long time. Often times, when patios are build using other materials they can sink in over the years that pass, and have a difficult time holding themselves up. This is usually because of heavy furniture, weather conditions, and the usage from pets and children as well. But, stamped concrete is proven to last for a long time and is able to hold up through all of these things. You will not see cracks or chips in your floor, and it will be smooth and fresh looking brand new. Therefore, you will not have to worry about getting a patio renovation after several years.

Lastly, decorative concrete floors are very low maintenance. If you are the type of person that does not want to deal with outdoor maintenance, than this is the best type of concrete flooring for your patio. A simple sweep here and then will make all the difference for the patio of your home. Regardless of what you choose to do, it will always be looking marvelous all times of the year. Call our decorative concrete company in Chatsworth today for a free consultation!


Live In Your Own Sports Reality With Fake Grass

Many people love and enjoy watching sports on television. While those people love watching sports, they also may play those sports themselves, either as a hobby or professionally. Because of the constant changing and unpredictable weather in Southern California, we never know if tomorrow will be a good day to play sports outdoors, because of the mud and rain. With artificial turf installations Los Angeles, you won’t ever have this problem again. Can you imagine playing and practicing your favorite sports whenever you feel like it? Green Pros is the leading fake grass contractors Calabasas that are here to make this possible for you.

Play Sports Whenever You Want To

With artificial turf installed in your home, you can play all of the sports that you love. Volleyball, soccer, baseball, golf, and much more are even better when played on fake turf. This is because of it’s durability and its weatherproof function. Imagine a stormy night full of rain and freezing weather. Now imagine how much water and mud your real grass would store after this storm has passed. You most likely would not even be able to walk on your grass after this, or get mud all over your clothes. If you have fake grass, the fibers it is made of absorbs all of the water that seeps through it, leaving it dry and read for use the very next day. This is great for all of the sports fanatics, because it will be ready to be played on.

A big issue homeowners have with their children, family members, and pets playing on real grass after a rainy day is the mud that it tracks into the home. This is a stress because it is often times hard to clean up and takes a long time, so some families are restricted from doing so due to weather conditions. Pets tend to bring in a lot of dirt as well, leaving paw print marks all over a freshly cleaned floor. With fake grass, you will never be faced with this problem. You will be able to play soccer and kick your kleats into the grass without damaging any parts of it.

Artificial turf installations Los Angeles make it possible for you to constantly enjoy playing sports in your own backyard. This is a dream come true to many, because real grass makes it impossible to do so at times. Call your fake grass contractors Calabasas today for a free consultation!


Want To Save Money? Get Wise Water Landscaping

Almost everyone is looking for one way or another to save some money, and who can blame them? If you are able to cut down on some unnecessary things that may not be so important to you, than you can find yourself with much more money in your bank account. An amazing way to save big money is to completely replace your lawn with wise water landscape services LA. This is the next best alternative to stop wasting valuable money on tons of water and maintenance bills. Here at Green Pros, an affordable drought tolerant landscaping company, is here to help you change your home for the better.

Why To Make The Switch

Along with saving money from switching out your real grass and plants to artificial turf, rocks and mulch, and plants that are susceptible to little water, you help the environment. The environment will greatly benefit from your switch as you will save energy and use less water. Southern California is always in a drought because of our little rainfall that happens per year. By using tons of water every day to keep your grass and plants alive and bright causes even more of a drought issue. Plus, the gallons of water being wasted on our grass can be used for many other valuable things instead.

Did we mention yet that drought tolerant landscaping will be more gorgeous than what you currently have? That is because it never dies and it’s colors will remain vivid all year round, rain or shine! Our team of professionals will select the best types of plants for you that can survive in the natural environment. Some of these plants include aloe, cacti, lavender sage, agave, and much more. There are also many types of flowers that are susceptible to the natural weather changes. Along with plants, rocks and mulch are extremely popular now as well. With rocks, not only are they stunning, but they can take up space in parts of your yard that look empty or dull. You can even make rock pathways that lead to your front door, or backyard pool. Mulch is great for any parts of your home to replace grass. Our mulch comes in several different colors and styles/sizes to choose from which will give you a good variety of options that will look beautiful for your home.

There are tons of ways to get creative with your wise water landscape services LA. You should highly consider making the switch now, to start saving even more money than later on. This is an amazing change for you, and for the environment. Call Green Pros, an affordable drought tolerant landscaping company today for a free consultation!