Benefits Of Mulch Landscaping

Mulch is the new popular thing- everyone wants to get their hands on it. Not only does mulch look good in any place you put it, but the benefits of it are phenomenal. If you ever see wooden chips in a garden in a location where grass should be placed, that is mulch landscaping.

The Many Benefits of Mulch

By installing mulch in your garden, you are automatically eliminating unwanted weeds from growing through your soil. When you have grass, weeds grow through it, leaving your garden unpleasant and making it harder for you to maintain it. Mulch stops the germination of weeds and keeps it from growing in those locations. Mulch also helps hold in your garden’s soil moisture, allowing your plants and flowers to stay hydrated constantly without drying out. Grass does not have these qualities, as if you do not water grass then it will eventually die out and brown.

Red-Dyed-Chips      Medium-Bark-Nuggets

Mulch landscaping in Encino also helps maintain soil temperature. This is great if you live in Southern California, because the weather tends to fluctuate often. One day it could be extremely hot and humid, and the next it can be raining and cold. The mulch will help your soil maintain its temperature without getting stressed. Mulch also helps fight against frost on your plants in areas with really cold temperatures (great for winter). In hot temperatures that go past 90 degrees, it is super important that your plants stay hydrated. Mulch helps keep your plants cool in these temperatures as well.

The main benefit of mulch is that you do not need to water it. The more mulch you place in your garden, the more money you will save on your water bills. This will also save you the time and energy of having to go out of your way to water and maintain your garden. Many people prefer to switch to mulch because they do not have time to do so, or they often times forget and then suffer the consequences of an unappealing garden.

GreenPros provides top quality mulch landscaping in Encino. We provide a wide selection of different types of mulch, with different shapes and colors. Some of our mulch include red dye chips, small bark nuggets, browned dye chips, and forest floor mulch. We give our clients a selection of different mulch, so that their specific needs will be met. Contact GreenPros today to get your mulch installed, and make your life much easier!


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