Installing Artificial Turf For Sports Fields

Artificial Turf is used everywhere now. Whether it for a home, community, building, etc., it is becoming increasingly popular on sports fields for professional athletes. First off, many athletes and team coaches prefer having artificial turf as their form of grass because of the cleanliness it provides. For example, soccer teams definitely benefit from synthetic turf because of the mud and dirt real grass has. Especially when wearing cleats, you do not want them to dig into mud and make piles of dirt. Artificial turf is completely weather proof and will never have these types of problems. Another good reason why sports teams like synthetic grass is because it does not absorb as much heat as real grass does. When players are sitting on the grass field, they do not want to suffer from hot grass, which happens through sunlight exposure. The artificial turf installed does not get absorbed from heat on hot summer days, which makes it easier to enjoy your practices and games.


Artificial Turf Leads To More Playing Time

Because artificial turf is completely weather proof, it will not contain floods of water, mud, and dirt like real grass does. Even if there is a big storm, the next day when the weather clears you will automatically be able to go back on the field and begin your practice/games. Since we live in Southern California, our drought also takes a huge toll on our grass. Teams do not want to play on dead and broken grass, they want to be able to practice on green vibrant grass. All of these examples leads to more playing time for sports teams, because weather does not stop anyone from using the artificial turf. Your coach will not have to cancel practice because of the rough weather conditions, you can technically still play in the rain with no problem.

Green Pros knows that it is a struggle to have daily or weekly team practices because of weather issues. With artificial turf, that will never be an issue. Green Pros makes sure to only install top quality artificial turf that will allow your team to play for a long time. Also, the artificial turf is able to be used just a few hours after installment. Call Green Pros today for a free consultation.

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