Artificial Grass Vs Natural Grass

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Artificial Grass Vs. Natural Grass

If you are not a particular fan of gardening and yard work, or live in a climate where you only experience year-long summer temperatures then Green Pros recommends that you make the switch from natural grass to artificial grass. While both options offer a lot of incentives, there are also drawbacks, it is always important to use what is right for you.


At best, natural grass lawns need to be manicured during the summer months and you will be raking leaves in the fall. However, in order to keep a very lush and attractive lawn and garden you will have to spend more time on maintaining its pristine appearance. You will have to invest on fertilizers, soil, insecticides, and water bills. If you live in places like California, you know that water is a precious resource, a resource that is not as vastly available as it once was. There are many cities and counties that have imposed irrigation restrictions in order not to dry up our water resources.

Artificial turf Granada Hills requires much less maintenance than natural grass. It does not require mowing, tending, watering, etc. It is so easy to clean and to care for. Simply hosing it down and giving it a good sweep is all it takes to maintain your perfectly manicured forever-green lawn.


A lot of people have trouble getting past the fact that the artificial grass Granada Hills installed by Green Pros is not the real thing. We have to agree, there is nothing like the real feeling of natural grass. However, in order to protect our valuable resources, we have to do our part in order to reduce our carbon and save water. This is the main reason why our customers made the switch from natural to artificial grass. Green Pros installs artificial grass Granada Hills that is made with multi-colored blades in order to give your new lawn a more natural look.


Having a natural grass lawn becomes a never-ending cycle of bills, bills, bills! Making a lump sum payment with Green Pros, the artificial grass cost Granada Hills means you will have year-round green grass that can last you over a decade.


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