Artificial Grass: Safe For The Environment


Field turf Pomona and lawn turf Pomona are mainly made of polyurethane fibers and made to look, and feel, like good ole natural grass. When it was first introduced, it was known as field turf Pomona and turf prices Pomona were higher since it was a niche product. However, over the years turf prices Pomona have significantly improved since the artificial grass technology has improved since turf’s first introduction. Artificial grass has since become closer to the real thing and is considered to be environmentally safe.

It’s not only the average homeowner that uses lawn turf Pomona, but artificial grass is used for commercial areas, business centers, and sports centers. The most popular use for lawn turf Pomona is by homeowners while lawn turf Pomona is used more for commercial purposes. Artificial grass is a popular choice over natural grass because of its low maintenance and cost. It can also brighten up any barren area of your home or business, giving it an instant burst of life. There are many styles and varieties of field turf Pomona that a homeowner can choose from. Artificial grass comes in a variety of colors, heights, and fibers in order for you to make the best choice for your budget.

Green Pros believe that when it comes to artificial grass, there is absolutely no substitute for expertise and experience. Our artificial grass installation experts will give you’re a free estimate and inform you of the type of grass you should be choosing for your home in order to reap the benefits of reducing your landscaping and gardening bills. Our installation process is quick and straightforward, you will be the envy of the entire neighborhood before you know it. Artificial lawn turf Pomona can last up to a quarter of a century, that is a lot of savings in maintenance and watering bills!

Contact Green Pros today to learn all about reducing your carbon footprint with artificial grass and start saving money today!

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