Are These Myths About Artificial Turf True?

Fake grass has been around for quite some time now, and is probably the best energy efficient solution for residential and commercial properties. Affordable artificial turf installations LA saves homeowners tons of money on their energy bills because they require little maintenance. Fake grass will also give your home or office building the most perfect and vividly bright look.  With this feature seeming almost too good to be true, there are some common myths that people are wondering about, and our licensed artificial turf contractors LA will hopefully help you put these to rest.

Myths That People Say About Artificial Grass

Our team of professionals will now answer the questions you have been wondering about fake grass:

  1. Artificial Turf takes longer to drain our water than real grass. This is a myth that is not necessarily true. If you choose a company that installs artificial turf poorly and with low quality, than that may be the case. But, Green Pros grass is of top quality, and has tiny holes at the bottom that will allow rain and water to seep through, and drain itself from the grass. This actually will drain water out just as fast as real grass, if not faster. Why do you think that our artificial turf is weather resistant? Because of it’s amazingly fast draining function that will have you ready to play on the grass shortly after.
  2. Artificial turf can become very hot from the heat. This myth is completely false. Actually, the sun’s heat does not heat up the artificial turf, it scatters the sun when being shined on, leaving the grass feeling cool all day. Because our grass is not made from plastic, it does not absorb the heat.
  3. There is absolutely no maintenance required for artificial turf. This myth is false. Although there is very minimal maintenance required, there are still some small things that should be done to keep the grass clean and fresh. Sweeping your grass from unwanted leaves, branches, dirt, etc., will help give your grass a bright and stunning look year round. If you do not sweep often, you may have to resort to future repairs, but it is not likely. Other than an occasional sweep, you do not need to do anything else.
  4. There are chemicals in the grass that may harm pets and children. This myth is very untrue. Our artificial turf at Green Pros is non-toxic and does not contain any harmful chemicals. Our grass is completely save for children of all ages to play on, and any pets. The artificial grass we provide our clients with is of top quality, and is safe to spend time on for hours each day. Also, our grass is rid free of pests and bugs. This way you will not have to worry about your young children eating or picking up any insects that can bite or harm them. And, it is very common for pets to get fleas and ticks from regular grass. You no longer have to worry about them getting these bugs stuck on them, because our grass does not contain them.

There are many other myths that people may think are true with affordable artificial turf installations LA. While hopefully Green Pros was able to put an end to some of those myths that are important to be aware of, you can now consider this type of grass for your home. Do you want to start saving money? Call our licensed artificial turf contracts LA today for a free consultation.



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