All About Artificial Grass

Since its invention in the 1960s, artificial grass has come a long way. Nowadays, artificial grass is becoming more socially and environmentally acceptable since it is mostly being used for water conservation purposes. Fake and artificial grass has a lot of useful purposes. It’s ideal for playgrounds, safe for children and pets, perfect for pools, and can be creatively used for putting greens.

Artificial grass is made from a mixture of different polymers, which makes the artificial grass soft and even shock absorbent. Installing artificial grass in a backyard is ideal for homeowners who have children and active dogs. It is also the best solution for homeowners that have a patch of lawn that refuses to grow, no matter how much care you put into it. Although artificial grass does have a tendency of warming up, new technology has been developed in order for the artificial grass to stay cool.

Green Pros’ synthetic grass installation can last you up top 20 years, with proper maintenance. Artificial grass is similar to natural grass in softness, appearance, and saves water. It will never rot, get muddy, and it will help keep your house cleaner. You’ll never have to worry about outside mud, messes, or clean up ever again. If you are a professional dog trainer, or have a lot of pets, having artificial grass in your backyard is ideal for dog runs. It will never wear down or become patchy, unlike natural grass.

Taking care of your natural grass is easy, all you need to do is hose it down with water or sweep your artificial lawn with a broom or leaf blower and you are done! Never again worry about watering your lawn, paying a gardener to upkeep your lawn, deal with the cost of fertilizers; Green Pros will install your grass and your lawn will be ready to go without the hassle of constant maintenance.

Contact Green Pros today and our customer service representatives will be happy to answer any and all questions that you have about artificial grass installation and maintenance. You’ll be glad that you called and will be happy with the results.

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