Agave And Aloe: Drought Tolerant Plants

Are you considering switching to more wise water gardening? Green Pros offers a wide selection of drought tolerant plants that have great quality and appearance. Two seemingly popular plants that don’t require much maintenance are agave and aloe. These plants go great in your drought tolerant landscaping lawns, and have good benefits!

Why You Should Consider Agave And Aloe Plants

The first great benefit from these plants are that they have extremely thick leaves that can soak in and absorb water for longer periods of time. This is great because it feeds off of water slowly, in which it does not require much maintenance rather than other plants. These plants can also be placed in any location of your front or back yard. This is good because they don’t necessarily need much sunlight to survive. Most plants do need sunlight, or they will eventually die out. But with thicker plants like these, you are able to place them in more shady areas if needed, and they can still survive.

Cactus plants are also an excellent and beautiful plant to consider when doing wise water landscaping. As many people know, cacti live for many years in deserts, and can survive in the hottest climates, and the coldest climates. You can ensure that your cactus plants will live on for many years will little maintenance provided, which is why they are a good investment. Cactus are very appealing, and you can landscape them in many different unique ways. They go great planted with rocks and mulch, and Green Pros provides all of these great quality products for their customers. Cacti benefit most when planted in more dry parts of your yard with the most sunlight fixture. A lot of people prefer cacti over other plants when going drought tolerant because of its features, and ability to last for a long time.

Green Pros is here to help you obtain a drought tolerant landscape that is beautiful and appealing to your home. Becoming drought tolerant increases the value of your home, due to its cost effectiveness and uniqueness. Green Pros will guide you through the entire process of your yard, and make sure that it is exactly what you imagined it to look like. We will make the process very simple and stress-free for you and your family. Call us today for a free consultation!

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