Adding Detail To Your Artifical Turf Installations

When you are sick of maintaining and taking care of the grass in your home, you should make the smart step to switch to artificial grass installations Los Angeles. Just by taking this step, you will automatically see a decrease in your regular monthly water bill amount. Green Pros, your fake grass company Van Nuys, is here to not only tell you about the benefits of artificial turf, but how to add extra detail to it to make it stand out in your yard.

Adding Details

A great thing about artificial turf is that you can get creative with the installation process. For example, you can cut it and shape it however you like. If there is a section of your yard that you do not want to have artificial turf on, we can go around that area. If you want a specific design done with artificial turf, that is also possible to do. To go even more in detail with it’s structure, you can place artificial turf around the walkways of your front and backyard, pathways, around your pool to avoid slip and falls, and more!

The next detail to consider when having artificial turf installed is what colors you want in your yard. If you want a more unique detail, you can even have two shades of color for your grass, in different areas. For shady areas of your yard you can go with lighter colors, and for more sunny areas you can do slightly darker tones. Also, adding things on top of the turf will make it look much more surreal. For example, adding a nice water fountain to the entrance of your yard would look stunning, as well as a gazebo.

Another creative and popular way to work with your fake grass is to add stamped concrete or pavers in the middle of it, to section it off. This adds a stunning and unique concrete pathway that lets your family and guests walk through to get to and from your home. With stamped concrete and pavers, Green Pros has a wide selection of different designs, colors, and patterns to choose from. Having stamped concrete in your landscape will not only make your home look good, but it will boost the value of your home. Since artificial grass installations Los Angeles are in such high demand, it will give you a great return on investment and make your home go up in value.

There are tons of small details you can do to create a much more appealing and gorgeous space with your fake grass. While you may be thinking of what details will look good in your home, this is where our professionals at Green Pros are here to help! Call our fake grass company Van Nuys for a free consultation!








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