3D Landscape Design Is The Future

So you are re-doing your yard with completely new landscaping. Currently, most homeowners can design their home with landscapers in 2D designs. But now, there is an even better and unique innovative way to design your landscape and virtually see it in 3D landscaping design before it is built- and Green Pros provides this for their clients.

How 3D Design Works

Since sketching your designs on paper is not enough, people want to see more. Landscaping services in Orange County are very crucial to residential and commercial properties, because it attracts more attention and increases your home value. They want full vivid details of how their landscape will look and how their thoughts in their head will come to life. It can be very problematic if your designs did not come out right, or weren’t as you expected. It can be a huge disappointment if you end up building too much and not leaving enough room for other designs. This is where 3D designs come into play. You can actually see exact details of your creation before starting the work, allowing you to be prepared for exactly how your landscape will turn out. You will not run into any surprises along the way, because you can clearly see this in 3D.

With the 3D  landscape design, you can see many different features that will reflect your creations. You can zoom in and out of your design, rotate it, and see the design as a bigger picture. You will be able to see your new yard, without having to imagine what it looks like. Imagine being able to virtually take a tour of your own home, seeing that your living room won’t be too close to your kitchen, and you will know the space from point A to point B. This new way of technology gives Green Pros’ clients a way to get involved in the whole process, and allow them to see every step of the way, which makes them feel more engaged.

Last Minute Changes? No Problem.

This new technique is great for people who have last minute changes or decided to add something else to their designs. For example, if you decided on putting in something, but then you slept on it and the next day did not want to have that idea, you can easily tell Green Pros and they can make changes to your designs. We make it so simple for our clients to ensure that every inch of their home is well-designed and exactly how they want.

Green Pros knows the stress of landscaping can take much time out of people’s day. But with the 3D design feature, you will be officially stress free. We will take the time to explain to you how this works and plan step by step with you until you are fully satisfied with your landscaping. Anytime changes will need to be made, they can be revised before the building begins. Contact Green Pros today for your landscaping services in Orange County.


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