Having Pets Are Easy With Fake Grass

You may not even want to bother fixing up your yard because of your pets. Some people give up completely when it comes to taking care of their landscaping, because your animals just destroy everything anyways. This is where you can take a whole new toll on a gorgeous landscaping. With fake grass installations Woodland Hills, you will never have to worry about your beautiful lawn getting ruined by your pets. Green Pros, the licensed artificial turf specialists LA will provide you with bright grass for many years to come.

How It Resists Pet Damage

Like many people in Southern California, having pets helps keep you company and fill your life with love. This is why we continue to keep our pets for many years, even though sometimes they come with consequences. Pets love to get down and dirty, especially dogs. If you have dogs, you know that the second they get energized they are at it all day long.

The first way that pets can damage real grass:

  1. When pets urinate and do their personal business, they harm your real grass. Urine has acid in it and a high Ph level, which permanently stains your grass and turns it from a bright healthy green to brown and dead. This burns and dries out your grass that you have spend tons of money watering and keeping alive. With artificial grass, you will never experience this problem. When a pet deposits it’s urine on the artificial turf, the grass features will help automatically absorb it so that it does not stay and stain the area.
  2. It is very common for dogs to dig big holes in front and backyards to bury items or just for fun. While this is exciting for them, it is extremely frustrating for their owners. Digging holes causes huge damage to your real grass, as once the grass is ripped out of place it either does not grow back or takes a long time to re-appear. With fake grass, you cannot dig holes. Green Pro’s fake turf is so strong, durable, and of great quality, that pets will be unable to dig.
  3. Next, weather and pets are also a big issue. If there is heavy rainfall, the next day grass tends to store all of the mud and dirt from the weather before. This is a big problem for animals, because they need to go outside several times a day. Pets with mud on their hands and feet are difficult to clean, and makes your home very dirty in the winter time. Don’t be stressed- with fake grass this will not happen. Our grass is weatherproof, so even if there was a thunderstorm the night before, the next day it will be completely dry and mud free. Your home will be clean and mud-free all winter long.

There are many benefits of fake grass installations Woodland Hills for your pets. Not only will you love your new installation, but your pets will love it even more. It is completely safe, non-toxic and great for them to play on. If you do not have this installation already, call our licensed artificial turf specialists LA for a free consultation.

Give Your Driveway Curb Appeal: Concrete Installations

For anyone and everyone visiting your home, they most likely enter from the front of your house. And, the first thing they always see is a driveway leading up to your front door. Wouldn’t you want your entry way to look stunning and appealing? This is a big factor to consider when remodeling or building a new home, because it will boost curb appeal. Ever notice residents on your street with yards that are not done up? These homes always look like they are in construction or not fully complete. Now yours can look well-put together with concrete installation services Los Angeles. Green Pros, a licensed construction company LA will make it their priority to give you the best looking driveway and walkway for your home.

Getting Creative For Curb Appeal

You want people to get that “wow” factor after visiting your home, because it makes you feel good. Let’s face it- it makes everyone feel great when others compliment their living space. Here are some ways to start gaining more curb appeal and up the resale value of your home:

Having a big walk way that leads to the front door is absolutely stunning. You can get very creative with your pathways and do many types of things. For example, you can build stairs that lead from the bottom of your home to your door, with special stones and rocks for decoration. If you currently have a walkway and/or driveway that has cracks on them and damages, it can be dangerous for you and your family. This can cause your children to trip, fall, and even damage your car’s tires.This is a great time to invest in a new walkway and driveway.

A very common walkway and driveway type homeowners love to do is concrete and artificial turf together. This adds more extra detail to your home and makes it look stunning at all times. Plus, since your landscape has artificial turf, it does not get damaged by cars or people walking. If you decide to just stick with plain concrete, that is a great decision. You are able to choose any color concrete you wish, that will mesh well with the exterior color of your home. The great thing about concrete is that it is very durable and strong. It is extremely smooth and will not crack from the weather changes, like others might do. Also, many people love concrete because it is long lasting. If you do not want to deal with cracking and having to re-do your driveway several years down the line, Green Pros highly recommends concrete for your front and backyard.

The great thing about concrete is also that it does not require much maintenance. All you will need to do to clean your driveway and/or walkway is an occasional sweep or watering it down with a yard hose. This is to get excess debris and dirt off of your stunning concrete installation! If you have not already gotten your concrete installation services Los Angeles, you should do it as soon as possible to boost curb appeal and the value of your home. Call our licensed construction company today for a free consultation!

There Are No Surprises With 3D Landscape Designs

With the power of our amazing technology in today’s society, Green Pros is able to provide 3D landscaping services LA for their clients. Many people are still unaware of what this special feature is, because it is a new and popular innovation. When designing your dream landscaping for your new or current home, we want to make sure that it is exactly how you want it to be. This feature allows you to be involved in the process of designing exactly what you envision. Our professional 3d landscaping company Encino will turn your dreams into a reality.

How 3D Landscaping Works

With our knowledge with high technology, we are able to create 3D landscape designs for our clients. This means that they can virtually take a tour of their home through the computer before we begin to build anything. Basically, you will have absolutely no surprises coming your way when we plan out your landscaping design space. Normally a homeowner can only see their before designs through their imagination or a sketch on paper. This was better than nothing, but you still could not fully envision the look of your new home the way you wished. Now with Green Pros 3D landscaping design you can not only see your entire creations, but you can see all of the angles too. This will allow you to get a good sense of all the small details within your landscaping.

The great thing about this special feature is that you can even make changes when needed before we begin the actual building process.This is important because many people often are quick to make decisions and don’t think twice before jumping ahead. You can have the perfect amount of time to decide if everything is perfect and it is completely up to your standards. Plus the best part is that our team of professionals will sit with you through the whole process and help you from start to finish. We have many years of experience with landscaping designs, and our input really helps our clients get what they want. We can advise you and tell you what we think would work best with your yard and every detail you should entail.

The best part of the 3D landscaping services LA is that you can pick your colors, textures, and specifics all through the computer. Picking out your colors are a big aspect of the process, and it is hard to envision colors in your mind when they are not actually in front of you. Now, the specific colors that you desire will be right there for you to decide if it is the right choice for your home. Often times, we think that something may be the best look but it can turn out that there is something better. You will not have to worry about making this mistake with our 3D services!

Green Pros is waiting by to design your next landscaping project. You don’t want to keep having to imagine your creations in your head, when you can actually see them on the computer screen. Call our 3D landscaping company Encino today for a free consultation.

Are These Myths About Artificial Turf True?

Fake grass has been around for quite some time now, and is probably the best energy efficient solution for residential and commercial properties. Affordable artificial turf installations LA saves homeowners tons of money on their energy bills because they require little maintenance. Fake grass will also give your home or office building the most perfect and vividly bright look.  With this feature seeming almost too good to be true, there are some common myths that people are wondering about, and our licensed artificial turf contractors LA will hopefully help you put these to rest.

Myths That People Say About Artificial Grass

Our team of professionals will now answer the questions you have been wondering about fake grass:

  1. Artificial Turf takes longer to drain our water than real grass. This is a myth that is not necessarily true. If you choose a company that installs artificial turf poorly and with low quality, than that may be the case. But, Green Pros grass is of top quality, and has tiny holes at the bottom that will allow rain and water to seep through, and drain itself from the grass. This actually will drain water out just as fast as real grass, if not faster. Why do you think that our artificial turf is weather resistant? Because of it’s amazingly fast draining function that will have you ready to play on the grass shortly after.
  2. Artificial turf can become very hot from the heat. This myth is completely false. Actually, the sun’s heat does not heat up the artificial turf, it scatters the sun when being shined on, leaving the grass feeling cool all day. Because our grass is not made from plastic, it does not absorb the heat.
  3. There is absolutely no maintenance required for artificial turf. This myth is false. Although there is very minimal maintenance required, there are still some small things that should be done to keep the grass clean and fresh. Sweeping your grass from unwanted leaves, branches, dirt, etc., will help give your grass a bright and stunning look year round. If you do not sweep often, you may have to resort to future repairs, but it is not likely. Other than an occasional sweep, you do not need to do anything else.
  4. There are chemicals in the grass that may harm pets and children. This myth is very untrue. Our artificial turf at Green Pros is non-toxic and does not contain any harmful chemicals. Our grass is completely save for children of all ages to play on, and any pets. The artificial grass we provide our clients with is of top quality, and is safe to spend time on for hours each day. Also, our grass is rid free of pests and bugs. This way you will not have to worry about your young children eating or picking up any insects that can bite or harm them. And, it is very common for pets to get fleas and ticks from regular grass. You no longer have to worry about them getting these bugs stuck on them, because our grass does not contain them.

There are many other myths that people may think are true with affordable artificial turf installations LA. While hopefully Green Pros was able to put an end to some of those myths that are important to be aware of, you can now consider this type of grass for your home. Do you want to start saving money? Call our licensed artificial turf contracts LA today for a free consultation.



Have Allergies? Artificial Turf Can Eliminate Them!

Many Americans suffer from allergies on a daily basis. This can be very irritating, annoying, and often stop you from doing the daily activities that you most desire. Whether you are the one suffering from allergies, your children, or even your pets, you will do anything to try and stop or reduce it. Allergies happen mostly from the outdoors, when nature is blooming and taking its full toll. While most allergies occur during spring and summer, we are now approaching winter. This winter will be the perfect opportunity for fake grass services Van Nuys, and finally switch out the grass that is hurting your health!

Stop The Allergies

Green Pros, the best artificial turf company LA, knows how badly real grass can affect one’s health. Millions of Americans can say that they have bad allergies to pollen, which is found in flowers, trees, and grass. The problem with real grass is that it will hold on to natural substances from the environment as they get trapped in between. This results in parts of flowers, trees, and other outdoor plants to remain in your grass when you don’t even notice. More importantly, it holds pollen for many days at a time, which will make individuals itchy. Because of this, you are refrained from spending good amounts of time per day outdoors enjoying the sun and relaxing. Just by sitting on your real turf, you will get grass stains, dirt lines on your clothing, and itchy red skin.

With artificial turf, it does not hold pollen within nearly as much as real grass does. This will guarentee you and your family a relaxing day outdoors, and will allow you to spend hours just sitting on your new grass itch-free. The good thing about Green Pro’s artificial turf is that it feels just like real grass, yet looks even better. It will stay bright and vivid all year long, rain or shine! There are tons of benefits to this feature along with reducing allergies. It helps save the environment and saves energy and money. Your health will get better and your bills will shrink in half every year, allowing you to have the best of both worlds!

Aside from you and your family, you may not realize but most dogs and cats get allergies year round. Since they are very sensitive to things that humans are not, the outdoor grass can really make them itchy and can eventually cause more severe problems. Every notice your pet itching non-stop through out the day? Chances are it is from something outdoors, like your grass that they lay on. Pets spend numerous hours a day outdoors, which is why we also need to look our for their health as well.

With fake grass services Van Nuys, all of your irritating allergies will reduce tremendously. Real grass is a big problem that many Americans are faced with every single day. Don’t wait until your health gets worse, make the switch before spring arrives! Call Green Pros today for a free consultation.

Enhance Your Home With Decorative Concrete

When you are walking into a home, the first thing you see is everything leading up to the front door. Most importantly, you notice the walkway that leads up to that entrance. Having a beautifully designed walkway made from stamped concrete installations LA will really add curb appeal to your home. Along with the front of your home, your backyard should also contain these concrete walkways to enhance it’s look. This adds so much more detail to your home and is very simple. Green Pros, a decorative concrete company Encino, will show you the different ways that it can enhance your property.

Decorative Concrete Walkway Benefits

With all of the different kinds of stamped concrete designs, shapes, and colors that Green Pros offers their clients, there is a lot to choose from. Depending on the look of your home, you can get creative with the process. Different types of concretes include cobblestone, slate, pavers, brick, tile, sandstone, and more. Because there are many different options, you can design a walkway that is tailored to your exact needs.

Decorative concrete walkways are beneficial because of many reasons. For one, it is very durable (if done properly), which does not allow it from cracking, fading in color, or having holes. Green Pros installs this with the most professionalism, so that your pathway will last you for over a decade. Another good benefit is that it is weatherproof. Meaning that it will not get damaged from harsh weather conditions. Even if there is a rainstorm for two weeks straight, your flooring should be just fine. Lastly, it is an affordable investment.

The most unique part about decorative concrete is that when our team of professionals installs it, it will be more detailed and perfect then ever.This is because we make sure that it is exactly what our clients have been dreaming about. Because our installation process is so carefully done, this will gaurentee that it will prevent from staining, overlay failure, and scaling, which is a result of excess moisture in the slab. If a decorative concrete company is not careful with this process, than it could lead to moisture being trapped in the slabs. This can potentially damage your concrete over time.

Depending on the look of your home, decorative concrete can be a mix of different colors. You can either pick one solid color for the entire flooring, or you can get creative and have a few colors that blend well together. The great thing about this flooring is that you can even pick different sections of your home and do different types of designs or colors if you wish. For example, you can do a pattern of colors in the front yard to make your home pop, and for the backyard you can do one solid color for it to look more subtle. The entire choice is up to you, and however you want to design your home is good with our decorative concrete company Encino.

We think that it is time for you to upgrade your home. Take a look at your front and backyard. Does it seem dull and boring? Maybe it is time to spice things up and take it to the next level with stamped concrete installations LA. Contact your specialists at Green Pros today for a free consultation!


FAQS: Artificial Grass

Since there are still many homeowners and commercial property owners that have real grass in their yards, they are at a constant battle with maintenance and expensive bills. If you reside in Southern California, you can already expect this weather to dry out your grass with each passing season. Because the weather in Southern California is always up in the air, we are finding ourselves maintaining our yards more than we should. There is a resolution to this problem: affordable artificial turf services. Luckily, this amazing upgrade has lead to many people each month making the switch to fake grass. Why? Because it is extremely big on energy savings, money savings, and is maintenance free! Here are some commonly asked FAQS that homeowners wonder before switching to this product, that your artificial grass specialists LA at Green Pros will answer.


-Can artificial grass get dirty from the weather changes? No, artificial turf from Green Pros is weatherproof. Because it is not real, it makes it hard for rain and mud to get stuck between the grass, because there is no soil underneath. This means, that even if there is a thunderstorm the day before, your grass is completely safe to relax on, run on, and play on. You do not have to worry about your artificial turf also getting ruined from weather conditions. You will never see again grass stains on your childrens clothing when they play, or your pets running in the house with mud all over their paws.

– Is artificial grass safe for my children and pets? Yes, it is always safe. At Green Pros, we ensure you that our artificial turf is non-toxic, completely rid free of chemicals, and is all natural. This is very safe for children and pets. You can relax knowing that they are both fine being in the grass all day. It is a great feeling!

-How should I maintain my fake grass? Since your fake grass does not need to be watered, you simply can just go over your grass several times a week to make sure nothing is stuck in there. There may be natural substances that get in the grass, but that is very easy to clean. It can also be hosed down with water if needed, but not recommended.

-How will artificial turf save me money? This is a great question. Since your artificial grass requires no maintenance, you do not need to spend money on a gardener, and more importantly money for watering your grass. Imagine how much money you will save every month. Also, your grass will be bright green all year long, and looking wonderful.

-How do I get started on my artificial grass? You have come to the right place! Green Pros’ team of professionals is standing by waiting for your call! Our team will give you a free consultation, and measure your yard to see exactly how much artificial turf you need/want. The installation process with be very easy and stress-free!

Call us today at Green Pros, and get started on your new artificial turf to save money!