FAQS: Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is usually described in a few simple words: beautiful, eye-popping, and appealing. While you may be considering stamped concrete for your home or workplace, you have taken the right step. Green Pros offers their clients affordable stamped concrete installations in order to help beautify their home and save them tons of money at the same time. It is highly encouraged that you make the switch to this type of concrete, because it also adds value to your home in the future if you plan on selling later on. Stamped concrete is unique in its own way, and everywhere you go you will see many homes and buildings with stamped concrete.

FAQS About Stamped Concrete

When looking for the right stamped concrete services in Los Angeles people can have many different questions. Don’t stress- we are here to answer all of the questions you may be having about stamped concrete. Here are some questions that are very common among home owners and the answers to them:

  1. What is the point of stamped concrete, and why do homeowners have them installed? This is a great question that is frequently asked. Stamped concrete is an appealing twist on ordinary concrete. It is most desired when installing a patio, walkway in the front of your home, a driveway, and much more. Stamped concrete requires very little maintenance. Usually, with a normal driveway, walkway, or patio weeds find ways to grow out of the soil and interfere with the stamped concrete, resulting in more maintenance. People install stamped concrete not just for its beautiful look and appeal, but for maintenance issues. Having a concrete driveway or pathway that is always clean and tidy is worth the price. Green Pros makes it their duty to install your stamped concrete perfectly so that it will last you a lifetime. You will not have to worry about any cracking in your concrete, as it will be resistant to all types of weather and weights.
  2. Does it look real?  Stamped concrete has an extremely realistic look to it. The types of colors and designs that Green Pros uses in their concrete gives it a real effect, while they have the same real looking color variations that stones have. Also, because weeds and moss do not get in between the cracks of the concrete, it gives it an even more real effect than the natural originals. Not having weeds and moss in between it will keep it from rotting away, and staying durable for a long time.
  3. Which color and design should I be using, and what is the most popular choices? The most natural looking colors are the most popular, because people want them to look like real stone. Green Pros has a wide selection of different colors to chose from. As a professional team, we like to help give advice to our clients about which colors and designs will go best with their home. For example, if your home’s exterior is a dark color, the best idea is to go for a light and simple looking concrete. If your home is white or tan, it is popular to go with a darker color concrete such as grey tones, reds, and brown mixes.

These are three common questions that many people ask before considering stamped concrete services in Los Angeles. Green Pros is here to answer all of your questions, and provide affordable stamped concrete installations for their clients. Call us today for a free consultation, and get started on beautifying your home!




Ideas For Drought Tolerant Landscaping

Affordable drought tolerant landscaping has been in style and increasingly popular over the past years. This is because of its main reason: it saves you money! But, not only does it save you money every year on water bills, but it looks stunning and very decorative in your yard. Green Pros makes it possible to have the best of both worlds. Since Southern California is prone to rapid weather changes and unsteady temperatures, it is highly recommended to have this type of landscaping. Green Pros is an LA drought tolerant landscaping service that provides their clients with many different options when going water-less.

If you want to help make a difference in the environment, than drought tolerant landscaping is best for your home. If you walk down your street, you will see at least a few homes with this type of landscaping, who already made the switch. Soon enough, almost every home in your community will have this feature. It’s look is stunning and unique, as you will never have to worry about watering the plants and grass ever again. The colors of your garden in your front and back yard will stay vivid, green, and bright at all times of the year. Can you imagine a hot and dry summer where grass is brown and plants are dying, but your yard will always remain fresh looking? This is the beauty of power of wise water installations!

Popular Ideas For Wise Water Landscaping

There are tons of ways to get creative with the look of the outside of your home. Green Pros allows their clients to get very creative with the process, due to their many features they have to offer. For one: replacing your dull and colorless grass with some artificial turf will already make a huge impact. Imagine your home with a weatherproof beautiful green lawn yearly. Ahhh- what a beautiful sight to see. This will already add much detail to your home, improve its value, and attract people’s attention (including your own). Artificial turf is non-toxic and is safe for your children and/or pets. This type of grass is free of insects, pests, ants, etc. that usually hang out in real grass. This is a good benefit because you won’t have to worry about your kids or pets getting bugs on them after playing on the turf. Next, you can pick from a wide variety of beautiful rocks that Green Pros has to offer. Some of these rocks include: Tuscan rose cobbles, Malibu cobbles, Black arrowhead, California Gold, Surf Green, Snow White Boulder, and much more.

Next, you can put beautiful mulch in between your flowers and plants for more appeal. Mulch also helps these plants grow because they hold moisture within them. Green Pros offers different types, colors, and sizes of mulch. These include: walk on bark, red dyed chips, small bark nuggets, brown dyed chips, and more. These are placed as an alternative to soil much of the time, and look even better. Another option that many people do is put sand in certain areas of their yard.

There are many ways to get creative with wise water landscaping. Green Pros is an affordable landscaping company that is there to help you obtain the best looking lawn, while saving tons of money every year on water bills. Call our LA Drought tolerant landscaping service today for a free consultation!


Your Pets Will Benefit From Fake Grass Installments


You most likely have one or two pets at home. These pets are part of your family, and you would do anything to make sure they are happy and healthy. Since pets are very treasured parts of our lives, it is important to take care of their well beings for as long as possible. If you are a homeowner with a grass covered yard, you know that often times it is stressful when your pets go outside to play and do their business. You most likely have experienced incidents where your pets come back in the house completely covered in dirt, mud, twigs, and more. This can definitely stress you out, as now you have to take time out of your day to give your pets a bath and clean them. Did you know that with fake grass installments, your pets won’t ever get dirty and muddy?

Why Fake Grass Is Better For You

Because fake grass does not absorb water and dirt, it is always dry and ready to be played on. Imagine a house without dirty paw footprints after you just cleaned the floors? This will never be the issue with synthetic grass, because it does not absorb water and dirt. Another good reason synthetic turf companies such as Green Pros will make you happy is because your pet won’t dig holes in your yard. We have all experienced dogs burying their bones and toys deep into hidden holes, ruining your grass completely and destroying it. Our team of professionals uses the strongest most durable grass for our clients, so that this problem won’t ever happen again. This will leave you stress free, and your home and yard clean.

Another great reason to have artificial grass when owning a pet is for when they go to the bathroom. Since pets do their business outdoors and not inside the house, they most likely go on the grass. This is not a good thing, because over time your grass can start to change colors and have stains from your pets. Not to worry- with fake grass this will never be an issue. Our team uses special materials that will not be able to hold any stains or discoloration, so that your grass will look bright and vibrant for a long time.

There are many different ways that pets will benefit from fake grass installments, and so will you. Once this is installed in your backyard and front yard, you will get a great sense of relief and happiness. This will also save you tons of money every year because you do not need to water the grass. Don’t wait any longer- call us today for a free consultation!



Golf In Your Backyard With Artificial Turf Services

Are you a golf fanatic? Do you spend hours every weekend unwinding and playing golf with your family and friends? Golf has become increasingly popular as a sport in the United States over the last decade, and many people enjoy hitting golf balls in the warm sun outdoors. Since many golfers need to drive far distances to reach their desired fields to play, it may be a hassle for some people to do it religiously. And, these sport players are always looking for ways to practice more and improve their current abilities in golf. This is where artificial turf services come into play.

Artificial Turf For Golf Players

If you are a golf player living in Southern California, you know that often times the random weather conditions can stop you from playing and enjoying your days. This problem can be completely eliminated. With synthetic grass installations Sherman Oaks right in your backyard, you can build the golf course of your dreams! Because fake grass is completely weather proof, you won’t ever have to stop playing your games. The grass field will always be dry and ready for you to hit those golf balls all day long, and you won’t have to stop due to weather conditions.

Having synthetic grass installations Sherman Oaks as a golf course in your backyard will also allow you to practice your gaming skills after a long day of work, or early in the morning. You will not be limited on time when you are playing, because it is right in your home. This will help you pick up on new skills and improve. Another good benefit of having an artificial turf golf course in your backyard is that it creates bonding time with family and friends. You can teach your children early on to play this sport, and you can invite friends over to grab a drink and play.

Artificial turf is a smart solution when being involved in golfing. This saves you plenty of wasted time driving to your desired golf courses, saves you money, and allows you to play endless amounts of games without worrying about the time and weather. There are so many benefits to having artificial turf services for your home- not to mention it adds home value as well. Call Green Pros today for a free consultation, and get started on your wonderful new grass!

Designing Your Yard With 3D Landscaping

Are you thinking of completely re-doing your front and/or backyard?Are you tired of what you currently see everyday and want a change? Green Pros understands your desires, which is why our team of professionals is here help you design the most perfect landscape that will best suit your needs. Did you know that Green Pros has a 3D landscape design feature? This is a new and unique innovation that helps our clients actually see their ideas come to life, and not having to just visualize their creations!

3D Landscaping Benefits

Our 3D landscaping services in Calabasas will help you make all the decisions and finishing touches on your unique landscape designs. This will help our clients create a space for themselves that is different than other homes. Our team can show you all the different angles of your new landscape and how everything will look before we start. This way, if you are unsure about something towards the end of the designing process, you can go back and change it with our 3D features, before it will be too late. Since every homeowners house is built differently, this special technique will help us see what will fit where, and what we are limited on. Rather than having to rely on your own imagination with 2D designs to see if your bedroom door will be far enough away from the kitchen, you will be able to virtually take a tour of your new home.

The best part of the 3D landscaping feature is that our clients are with us through the entire process of designing. Our architect sits together with out clients and really gets an understanding of what their needs and desires are for their homes, and then creates it. This is beneficial because it will allow our clients to feel like they are fully engaged in the project, and have an input every step of the way. You will even be able to choose colors and textures for your backyard, that you can actually see on 3D. This is a great benefit because if you are not happy with the color that you thought would look good, you can change it instantly.

There are many positive outcomes of our 3D landscaping designs. Allowing our clients to be full engaged in this experience is what satisfies us most. We are here to make you happy, and always put you first. Want to hear more about our 3D landscaping services in Calabasas? Call us today for a free consultation!

Using Artificial Turf For Your Workout Routines

Many people are very into taking care of themselves, and work out on a daily or weekly basis. This helps us feel better and look better, and gain more confidence in our lives. While many people try to workout as much as they possibly can, others can’t do it as often because of other duties that get in their way, such as work, school, their children, etc. But, with having artificial turf installations in your front and backyard, you can save yourself tons of time and workout at home! Are you curious to see how this works? Read on to find out more about Green Pros artificial turf services in Sherman Oaks.

How To Use Artificial Turf Effectively

It is actually much more enjoyable to workout in an outdoor setting, like your backyard. Rather than being stuck in a crowded gym full of people and bad stenches, you can workout at your own comfort and on your own schedule. A great benefit of artificial turf installations is that they are completely weather resistant. If you are doing yoga, you can lay your mat flat on your artificial turf without worrying about it getting dirty, or your clothes getting muddy after a rainy night. You will not have any grass stains on your workout clothes, and won’t get dirt on your shoes. You can obtain any type of body workout on this grass, such as doing abs, lifting weights, Pilates, exercising with special balls, lunges, and much more.

While you will be saving tons of money on your bills with artificial grass, you can save even more money by not getting a gym membership. You will have a free workout right in your own home. Sure you may not have big types of machinery equipment you see at the gym, but this can be just as great. Having artificial turf can even give you the chance to host weekly workouts in your home, and building friendships with other people. With obtaining your daily workouts on your beautiful and bright lawn, you will be exposed to sun and nature, which is more healthier than being inside all day. This will allow you to have fresh air, and can even have you multitasking with other tasks you may have. Artificial turf is completely safe to sit on even all day long, as there are no pests, no toxins, and is even safe for children and pets to play on. You can watch your young children while working out at the same time, all thanks to artificial grass!

Our team of professionals are waiting to change your life for the better with artificial turf. Call us today for a free consultation, or for any other questions you may have. Green Pros provides their clients with high quality artificial turf services in Sherman Oaks.


The Beauty Of Stamped Concrete

If you take a walk in your neighborhood or community for about five minutes, you will notice that many homes along the way have stamped concrete installations. This is because it is very appealing, and a beautiful design to add to the front and back of your home. It adds so much character to a home, and looks great in any color or design. Are you considering decorative concrete services for your home? Green Pros has a team of professionals that will assist you on all of your stamped concrete ideas and designs, so you can turn your dreams into a reality.

Why Choose Stamped Concrete

The first great thing about stamped concrete installations are that they never go out of style. There will always be a desire from many people for stamped concrete, because it just completes the look of your home. Without it, your home can look dull and boring, and lack of color/designs. This helps boost the look of your home, and even adds value in the long run if you decide to sell it to a new homeowner.

A great thing about stamped concrete is its low maintenance requirements. From time to time, you can just sweep excess leaves or dirt that falls from trees off of your concrete, but you do not need to do anything else. Stamped concrete are good for building beautiful driveways, patios, outdoor fire pits, and more. The durability of Green Pros’ stamped concrete is excellent, and they only provide their clients with the best quality concrete for their homes. By adding stamped concrete to your home, you will help the environment, and be more eco-friendly. This will help stop droughts from re-occuring, because of the little water that we are using.

Stamped concrete goes great in driveways, and this lets you get creative with the look. Our team of professionals will help pick out the specific stamped design that will look best in your home. We can provide you with a wide selection of colors to chose from, and give you advice on which colors would look best with the exterior of your house. We will also provide different types of designs, and sample to see what looks best and where. Our team of professionals is happy to help, so this process will be happy and stress-free for you. Call us today for a free consultation!

Wise Water Landscaping With Cacti

Are you into wise water landscaping? Did you know that wise water landscaping saves you tons of money on your water bills, because your lawn does not require water or maintenance that it would if it were a regular lawn? Many people have decided to take the smart step and switch to drought tolerant landscaping services, because of all of its benefits. More specifically, a popular type of plant that people enjoy planting with their new yards are cacti plants.

Landscaping With Cacti

First of all, when you plant cacti into your landscaping designs, you give your yard a unique and different appeal that requires hardly any maintenance. Since cacti are susceptible to harsh weather conditions such as really hot desert weather or cold nights, it is for certain that it can handle Southern California’s weather changes.

Where do I plant my cacti? Green Pros always suggests planing your cacti in areas with sun. Because they grow and survive much better in hotter climates, look for the most sunny spots in your yard. Once you find a spot completely out of the shade, that is where you can then grow your beautiful cacti plants. Also, it is suggested to put dry pebbles or mulch around the cacti plants, because they do better when the ground around them is fully dry. Although, they can still survive around moist floors, it is best to provide dry rocks around them to ensure the best growth.

The beauty of the cacti plants are that they look great with any other succulents or flowers. Since they are a natural type of plant, putting colorful flowers around them or other types of drought tolerant plants will be very appealing to your back yard. Cacti plants have roots that hold in water and store them, so they survive pretty much on their own. They water themselves from time to time.

Many people are switching to drought tolerant landscape to save tons of money on their water and energy bills, and cacti plants really help them to achieve this goal. Because they are very low maintenance, require very little water, and need to be in the sun, it is a perfect solution to your home and a great addition that will catch people’s eyes. Green Pros has a wide variety of wise water plants for your landscaping needs. Call us today for a free consultation!