The Power Of Mulch

Mulch can be seen in the front and backyards of many homes. The popularity of mulch installations has risen greatly, and everyone wants to get their hands on it for their home. What is mulch? Mulch is a material that can be bark or decaying leaves, that is applied around your plants to an area of soil. This enriches the growth without having to use as much water to get them there. Green Pros provides great quality mulch services in Los Angeles that will make a big difference in your monthly water bills, and also beautify your yard at the same time.

Benefits Of Mulch In Your Garden

Mulch benefits your garden in many ways. Without mulch, there are tons of weeds that will grow through your grass and plants, eating away nutrients and can ruin your beautiful lawns. With mulch, it stops the growth of horrible weeds, that take resources from your current plants and grass. The stopping of weed growth will also always keep your lawn in top shape, not needing any maintenance done, and having a clean look.

Did you know that mulch helps your plants grow? They hold in the moisture that your plants need to drink and live off of, which is less stressful for you. You won’t need to worry about your plants dying with no water, because mulch will work as your side kick to help keep your beautiful plants moisturized. This is great for hot and humid summer days, especially when living under Southern California’s heat. This will help your plants’ roots stay cool in dry weather conditions.

Green Pros offers a wide variety of types of mulches. You can pick a specific color that will look good with your yard, and even different types. If you want, you can mix mulch to mesh some different colors. There are many ways to get creative with our mulch installations, and all of our customers are completely satisfied with the entire process. Our team of professionals will leave you stress free from the start to the finish. Call us for a free consultation today to learn more about our mulch services in Los Angeles!

Stopping Droughts With Wise Water Landscaping

If you live in Southern California, having a drought is not common. They probably happen every other month, and isn’t a huge shock to most of California’s residents. Because Southern California’s weather is so inconsistent, with many different weather changes almost weekly, we can never predict the type of weather we will get next. One day it can be hot and sunny, and the other cloudy and raining. Because of this inconsistency, we are constantly at battle with the droughts. It is crucial for our residents to save water to help our environment. Many people have already persisted and taken this action in account for, and our goal at Green Pros is to continue to change each home to be more efficient.

Wise water landscaping is a crucial element for Southern California’s residents. With these techniques, we may not face a drought ever again, as long as people continue to conserve water. Our water is a very valuable aspect to our environment, and we have to help it continue to strive. By switching your home to drought tolerant landscaping, we can not only save our environment from dying out, but we can save ourselves money, benefiting us both.

Types Of Drought Tolerant Landscaping

For the biggest way to conserve water, taking our your current grass and switching to artificial turf is a great way to begin. Green Pros team of professionals are experts in artificial turf installations. By having fake grass, your lawn will not only always look impeccable and in top shape, but require little to no maintenance, and no water. This will save you tons of money on your water bills, and save water for our environment. The next way to have wise water landscaping in your home is by switching out your current plants with drought tolerant ones. Green Pros has a wide selection of different plants, that don’t need very much water to survive. They can get water naturally or even from occasional rainfall. There are also other plants and alternatives that do not need any water at all. Some plants include Lantana flowers, Dark flax water, Mexican bush sage, and much more. You can also install things like mulch and rocks to add decoration, that do not need any watering. Rocks can add a lot of attracting to your home, and you can cover up spaces that you do not want to be seen. Instead of soil, you can place mulch as an alternative. Green Pros offers a wide variety of different types of mulch and rocks.


You must start to conserve water, because our drought is getting very severe. This will help our environment tremendously, as well as help your wallet. Make the switch today- call us for a free consultation!


Taking Good Care Of Your Artificial Turf

Since artificial grass installations are the new popular thing to have in your residential or commercial property, it is important that it looks good all the time. Artificial turf services Los Angeles are great to have for many different reasons. For one, the maintenance issues are not a problem, because they barely require any maintenance at all. Artificial grass saves you an obvious sum of money per year. How does this save you money? You do not need to water it, because it is not real. It will stay the perfect shade of green it is for a very very long time, if you get it installed from Green Pros. Imagine not having to water your grass anymore…amazing right?

How To Take Care Of Your New Green Lawn

Although this type of grass does not need to be cared for often, you still need to make sure that it does not get damage. Here are some ways to avoid having your fresh and beautiful artificial turf damage:

A very important thing to be cautious of after having your artificial grass installation is to keep sharp and rough objects away from it at all times. Because there is a line of fabric under your grass that is invisible, this helps hold the artificial turf all in place and looking great. If you take a sharp object such as gardening scissors, a knife, or anything with a sharper edge, it can cut through the mesh or the fabric and damage the grass. This does not happen very often, but it is still a precaution that we tell all of our clients to be aware of. It is suggested that if you need to use these tools with sharp edges in your garden you can place them in a special bin that will keep them safe and away from the grass.

Also, it is important to keep an eye out for unwanted debris on your artificial grass. It is completely normal for dirt, sticks, or small rocks to get stuck in your grass from the weather and climate changes. Wind can blow debris onto your grass, and you should just keep an eye out for that. Branches or sticks can also poke holes into your grass, getting through the mesh and fabric.

There are other precautions to look out for when having artificial turf. You should regularly examine your grass for these signs of possible damage, to prevent it! Call Green Pros today for a free consultation, and to get started on your artificial turf services in Los Angeles.


Paver Installations: How To Determine The Best Color For Your Home

Paver installations will pair perfectly almost anywhere in your front and backyard. They have been increasingly popular and highly in demand over the past years. This is because of its unique look, its low maintenance, and its benefits. Paver services in Beverly Hills can be designed in many different ways, allowing you to get really creative throughout the entire process. Green Pros is here to give you advice about picking the perfect pavers for your home.

You Can Get Creative With Your Pavers

  • If you have a home with a brick exterior, it is best to stay away from brick pavers. This will not mesh as well with your home. Instead, you can have endless possibilities with other pavers. Since your home is brick, you can go with a tan or even grey paver. Many homeowners like to stick with neutral tones to greys when having brick walls, because it evens out the red tones. Picking these colors will relieve you from that overwhelming feeling you may have.
  • If your home exterior color is dark, it is best to pick a lighter paver color. If your exterior walls are plain colored and solid, you can get very creative with the designs on your pavers. Green Pros has a wide variety of different designs to pick from. In contrast to having a darker exterior painted home, many to most homes are colored in neutral paints. This allows you to select either a light paver tone or a darker one. You can even do a multi-colored paver to add some life to the outside of your home.

Think about your neighbors, and the types of houses that are around you. If everyone has very similar colors and pavers, this is your chance to get creative and pick a bold color/design. This will add more pop and appeal to your home, and will catch people’s attentions. These installations will definitely add value to your home as well, because of its extreme popularity and desire.

It is also recommended to look at the angle of sunlight that hits your home. If you are installing your paver in an area of shade, than it is recomended to pick a lighter color that will show more. If there is more sun in the area of your installation, you can feel free to go for a more edgy and darker color.

There are so many different types of pavers that Green Pros offers their clients, and they are of best quality. Our team of professionals is happy to give you a free consultation! Call us today to get started on your paver services in Beverly Hills.



Artificial Turf Is Safe For Your Pets

Artificial turf is the new deal. It is a rapid-growing phenomenal innovation that is seen on almost every street. Whether artificial turf services in Los Angeles are seen in residential homes, or commercial properties, you spot it everywhere. That is because people have decided to switch to a new alternative that not only looks better than real grass, but saves you tons of money on your bills. Since most homes have a pet that they love and adore, pet owners want to make sure their animals are happy and healthy at all times. Read more to find out why Green Pros artificial turf is pet friendly.

Artificial Turf Is Safe For Your Pets & Has Benefits

Many dog owners can say that they have experienced their pups messing up their grass, and causing wreck less behavior ruining their yards. We all can relate to this in some way or another. Many dogs will chose to take their chew toys and burry them in their owners’ yards, digging huge piles leaving mud and dirt all over your precious grass. Also, dogs mark their territory in their own yards, and do their business on our grass. Pet Urine contains acid, and will ruin real grass and die it out. When you think you have had more than enough or your pet ruining your yard that you worked so hard for, there is a solution. Synthetic grass installations will resolve all of these issues. Urine acid will not contaminate or die out the fake grass, and there is no way for a pet to dig holes that contain mud and dirt.

The best part of artificial turf is that it is weather resistant. This is a huge benefit for your pets. If you had a rain storm the night before, the next morning you will not have to worry about your pet running through wet grass and getting dirty from its recent grooming. Your pet will not have any mud or grass stains, and will be ready to play and roll around on the grass patch for as long as he/she wants. Green Pros installs the best quality artificial turf for your home, and is completely safe for your pets. There are no toxins in our grass and no chemicals that can harm your pet. Also, there are no weeds or things growing from artificial turf so you do not need to worry about your pet eating bad things.

There are so many more benefits of artificial turf for your home and pets. This is a guaranteed way for your pet to stay safe and clean at all times of the year. Your pet will be very happy with this new change, and so will you. Call Green Pros today for our great artificial turf services in Los Angeles and get a free consultation!