Agave And Aloe: Drought Tolerant Plants

Are you considering switching to more wise water gardening? Green Pros offers a wide selection of drought tolerant plants that have great quality and appearance. Two seemingly popular plants that don’t require much maintenance are agave and aloe. These plants go great in your drought tolerant landscaping lawns, and have good benefits!

Why You Should Consider Agave And Aloe Plants

The first great benefit from these plants are that they have extremely thick leaves that can soak in and absorb water for longer periods of time. This is great because it feeds off of water slowly, in which it does not require much maintenance rather than other plants. These plants can also be placed in any location of your front or back yard. This is good because they don’t necessarily need much sunlight to survive. Most plants do need sunlight, or they will eventually die out. But with thicker plants like these, you are able to place them in more shady areas if needed, and they can still survive.

Cactus plants are also an excellent and beautiful plant to consider when doing wise water landscaping. As many people know, cacti live for many years in deserts, and can survive in the hottest climates, and the coldest climates. You can ensure that your cactus plants will live on for many years will little maintenance provided, which is why they are a good investment. Cactus are very appealing, and you can landscape them in many different unique ways. They go great planted with rocks and mulch, and Green Pros provides all of these great quality products for their customers. Cacti benefit most when planted in more dry parts of your yard with the most sunlight fixture. A lot of people prefer cacti over other plants when going drought tolerant because of its features, and ability to last for a long time.

Green Pros is here to help you obtain a drought tolerant landscape that is beautiful and appealing to your home. Becoming drought tolerant increases the value of your home, due to its cost effectiveness and uniqueness. Green Pros will guide you through the entire process of your yard, and make sure that it is exactly what you imagined it to look like. We will make the process very simple and stress-free for you and your family. Call us today for a free consultation!

Popularity of Stamped Concrete Installations

Stamped concrete installations are gorgeous! Whenever we see a home getting a renovation, or a brand new home being built in our nearby communities, we tend to notice that most of them have stamped concrete services in Van Nuys. Are you interested in getting stamped concrete for your home? Do you wonder what all the hype is about? Read on to find out why stamped/decorative concrete is so beneficial!

Stamped Concrete Benefits

Residential and commercial property owners love using stamped concrete to decorate their front and back yards because it brings so much attraction. The uniqueness of this type of concrete is that there are so many different designs and patterns, colors and shapes to choose from. Green Pros has a wide selection of different decorative concrete to choose from. Some of these are: cobble, slate stone, random, pavilion, and more.

If you are having a difficult time choosing your designs, Green Pros will gladly assist you through this process. Some good ways and tips to help pick the perfect designs are: looking at the structure and design of your home. For example, if your home’s exterior is made of bricks, you will not want to go with a cobble pavement. Many homeowners with brick homes chose a brick hardscape. Choosing the colors for your concrete is pretty simple. It should make the color of your exterior home look good and match. If your home is yellow, you can do tan. If your roof is very dark, you can do a dark or light hardscaping.

Maintaining your stamped concrete is very simple. Since this is very strong and durable, and is weatherproof, this will last you a long time. You will not need to worry about cracks and deterioration for many years to come. Green Pros only installs the highest quality products, so that it will ensure you a lifetime of satisfaction. The only thing you may want to do to maintain your concrete is to sweep it every so often, to get weeds and dirt off of it. You do not need to water it or do anything else.

Stamped concrete adds value to your home. This product adds instant attraction and appeal from others. If you want to sell your home in the future, this product will increase your home’s value rather than choosing regular concrete.

So many different qualities play a significant role in stamped concrete. Green Pros only offers their customers the best quality products when it comes to their home. We want you to increase your home value, and have as little maintenance as possible when it comes to your house. Call us today for a free consultation!


Tips For a Low-Maintenance Lanscaping Yard

Are you turning to wise water landscaping installations for your yard? If you are, this is a very smart idea. Green Pros suggests tips and ways to continue to be efficient when using  landscaping services in Los Angeles. If you are interested in learning about our tactics and tips to save money on your landscaping, then read on!

Ideas For Wise Water Landscaping

Lose your current lawn landscaping and change to drought tolerant tools. For one, take out your real grass and switch to artificial turf. This will leave your grass vibrant and bright, without worrying about real grass dying through rapid climate changes. Synthetic grass never dies, because it does not need any water. It also does not contain pests and bugs, or dirt. It is weather proof, meaning that you will not get muddy grass after a long week of rain. Imagine sitting on your grass all day and not getting grass stains on your clothes? This is great for children, and for pets that won’t get dirty. The best part about synthetic turf is that it does not need to be watered, which saves you money on your water bills ( a lot of money).

A great thing about switching to wise water landscaping is getting to pick out all of the plants you can have. There are many types of plans that Green Pros provides you with that are drought tolerant.  Some of these plants include: cactus, agave, aloe, bottle brush, Mexican feather grass, and much more. Green Pros can assist you with all of the selection process and help you design the perfect yard of your dreams. Plants will add more value to your home, and make your home more colorful and vibrant.

Another great idea for wise water landscaping installations is mulch and rocks. These are becoming increasingly popular from Green Pros. Mulch are materials of decaying leaves and bark that are planted and spread around areas where plants are installed to enrich the soil. This not only helps your plants grow without watering daily, but also looks very attractive and modern. It is a look that is becoming popular and everyone wants to get their hands on it. Green Pros provides their clients with different types of mulch such as: red dyed chips, walk on bark, brown dyed chips, and more. Rocks are also installed for added design, and block specific parts of your yard that you don’t want to be shown.


Green Pros has many products that will make your landscaping services in Los Angeles more efficient, and save a ton of money every month on your bills. Call us today for a free consultation!



Why California Residents Need Artificial Turf Installations

California is a very desirable place to live in. It is a great place to raise a family in, and you can own a good-sized house for a decent price. The only problem with California is that the weather changes are a complete surprise, and it is nearly impossible to perfectly maintain your lawn daily. This is an issue that many residential home owners struggle with, and this is when artificial turf installations come into play.

Californian Residents Need Artificial Turf

After our last severe drought, people living in this state simply had enough. It was time to stop wasting precious and valuable water on our grass and start making changes. This not only had California behind on paying their bills, but it lead to a great water shortage. Since last year after the drought came into the picture, the peak of artificial grass services in Los Angeles grew rapidly. Those residents who continued to want bright green grass in their yards, switched to artificial turf. Thanks to the California weather, artificial turf is the next best thing. It is completely water proof. Sounds amazing right? Because we are not sure what our weather might be like tomorrow or a week from now, this fake grass will stand a chance in any weather condition. If there is a thunderstorm, all real grass will flood with water, leaving your entire lawn wet and muddy for several days after. And, you cannot step on real grass after something like this, because it is not dry. In the specific months between November to late April, California experiences random days of rainfall. This results in your beautiful grass not being able to grow properly. When your grass does not grow properly, it does not turn out looking how you have hoped, and all the money spent watering it is gone to waste.

A big thing in California is playing sports. Sports are a very important part of our culture and this is where we unwind and have a good time with family and friends. With our weather conditions, it makes it very difficult to play the sports we want outdoors. With artificial turf, there is not a day where you can’t play sports. The water from the rain does not soak in the artificial turf, so you can play on the field or in your yard with completely dry grass that you can even sit on. This is great for young children as well, because they love being outdoors. You will never have to worry about them getting grass stains on their clothes, or muddy legs and arms. Your pets benefit from artificial grass services in Los Angeles because the grass does not contain pests and bugs, leaving them without ticks and fleas!

Green Pros’ forte is installing artificial turf. This fake grass is a life changer, and you are adding value to your home with this installation. Along with adding home value, you are also saving tons of money on your water bills every month. Contact Green Pros today for a consultation!


3D Landscape Design Is The Future

So you are re-doing your yard with completely new landscaping. Currently, most homeowners can design their home with landscapers in 2D designs. But now, there is an even better and unique innovative way to design your landscape and virtually see it in 3D landscaping design before it is built- and Green Pros provides this for their clients.

How 3D Design Works

Since sketching your designs on paper is not enough, people want to see more. Landscaping services in Orange County are very crucial to residential and commercial properties, because it attracts more attention and increases your home value. They want full vivid details of how their landscape will look and how their thoughts in their head will come to life. It can be very problematic if your designs did not come out right, or weren’t as you expected. It can be a huge disappointment if you end up building too much and not leaving enough room for other designs. This is where 3D designs come into play. You can actually see exact details of your creation before starting the work, allowing you to be prepared for exactly how your landscape will turn out. You will not run into any surprises along the way, because you can clearly see this in 3D.

With the 3D  landscape design, you can see many different features that will reflect your creations. You can zoom in and out of your design, rotate it, and see the design as a bigger picture. You will be able to see your new yard, without having to imagine what it looks like. Imagine being able to virtually take a tour of your own home, seeing that your living room won’t be too close to your kitchen, and you will know the space from point A to point B. This new way of technology gives Green Pros’ clients a way to get involved in the whole process, and allow them to see every step of the way, which makes them feel more engaged.

Last Minute Changes? No Problem.

This new technique is great for people who have last minute changes or decided to add something else to their designs. For example, if you decided on putting in something, but then you slept on it and the next day did not want to have that idea, you can easily tell Green Pros and they can make changes to your designs. We make it so simple for our clients to ensure that every inch of their home is well-designed and exactly how they want.

Green Pros knows the stress of landscaping can take much time out of people’s day. But with the 3D design feature, you will be officially stress free. We will take the time to explain to you how this works and plan step by step with you until you are fully satisfied with your landscaping. Anytime changes will need to be made, they can be revised before the building begins. Contact Green Pros today for your landscaping services in Orange County.


Paver Installation Is The Future

Although paver installation services have been going around for many years, it is now in such high demand from both residential homeowners and commercial business owners.

Types Of Pavers

Paver Landscaping has multiple different types of stones you can chose from. For example, you can choose pavers, bricks,  cobblestones, slaton random, state stone, and much more. for your front and backyard, which all look great.

Cobblestones are the oldest form of paver installation that has been used for many centuries. They are commonly made of granite and can be seen all over Europe still today. Many people love the cobblestone look effect on their home because it gives them a more mid century vibe. It also looks great with big houses that have larger driveways.

Bricks have also been around and used for a long time, and are still popular today. Bricks do not run out of style because it pairs well with many of homeowners home looks. Bricks look good on homes, walls of homes, and even outdoor fire pits/fire places. Bricks come in many different shapes, to your preference, but the standard brick shape that most people prefer are the rectangular shape.

Pavers come in many shapes and sizes as well and are made very thick. This is great for durability and strength. Pavers are made from concrete that is compressed and then molded. Pavers are more likely to be the most popular pick when choosing Paver installation services.


Benefits of Pavers

 Pavers are completely durable and will not crack. This is good for the look of your home and the safety of yourself and your family. Plus, it is very attractive. You will drive up to your home and see high quality beautiful pavement and you will instantly feel good about your home. This will give you both happiness and comfort for your family. Pavers are very popular now in backyards, as people love to install it by the pool, by the fire pit, and patio.

Pavers are weatherproof and safe, meaning that when it pours rain it is not dangerous. You can walk on your paver while it is wet and you will not have to worry about slipping and falling. Also, when you drive your car on it your car will not slip as well. All of these qualities are excellent benefits of this service that Green Pros offers their clients. We only provide our clients with the highest quality paver landscaping, and make sure they love their home when it is finished.



Call Green Pros for a consultation today!

Your Home Needs Water Wise Landscaping

For everyone that lives in some of the driest states in America, such as California, Utah, and Nevada, residents know that it is a big challenge to keep your yard landscape alive and colorful. Due to insufficient water and very little rainfall, it is nearly impossible to naturally water your plants and grass. This leads to home owners using tons of water every week to stop their landscaping from dying out, resulting in high water bills every month. Many people deal with this issue on the daily, and have decided to turn to wise water landscaping as their solution.

Wise Water Landscaping Is Our Future

Not only is this method easy to maintain, but it is very attractive. For many people, the economy and environment is a crucial importance that must be preserved. This new technique of landscaping saves tons of money not only for your bills, but for the world. Green Pros carries a wide selection of beautiful and low-maintenance plants that best suit the area you live in. The importance of picking your plants for your drought- tolerant landscaping is to chose ones that require the least amount of maintenance and water. Mulch is a big part of this landscaping. When we water our grass most of the water does not completely get soaked in the soil, and it evaporates. Mulch is placed on the soil’s surface to help absorb water through the soil and keep it from drying out. Green Pros has a wide variety of mulch in different shapes and colors that their clients can chose from!

Jerusalem-Sage-1                       shrimp-plant-1

Wise Water Landscaping is very attractive. We provide our clients with only the best looking plants that conserve water. Our plants are bright with color and will catch people’s attention as they pass by your home. Green Pros only provides their clients with top quality plants that are vivid and functional. We carry drought tolerant plants such as lemon-geranium, Mexican feather grass, lantana, shrimp plants, sweet peas, Jerusalem sage, and more. Some of our more desert-type plants that require very little water are cactus, aloe, agave, and more. All of these plants go well in any style home, and are full of color and liveliness.

Drought-Tolerant landscaping is the next big thing. Not only does this look great in your yard, but it saves you a lot of money on your bills. There are so many benefits to getting rid of your old plants that require excessive amounts of water to stay hydrated. By installing mulch and special plants that do not need much maintenance and are functional, your life will become so much easier and more relaxed. Contact Green Pros today for a free consultation on wise water landscaping!

When Is The Right Time To Get Fake Grass installation

There are certain areas surrounding your home where fake grass installation will fit perfectly. Fake grass is not just for big yards, huge football fields, and office buildings. They work great in smaller yards, such as your backyard.

Places that fake grass looks good in around your home:

  • In your front yard
  • Rooftop gardens or decks
  • Areas that is hard for grass to grow in
  • Areas where pets can lay on
  • Areas where you and family sit outside the most
  • Any place around your home where carbon footprint will be reduced

Synthetic grass companies such as Green Pros easily installs your fake grass in no time. Synthetic grass is Green Pros forte, and it is a look that is spectacular. Besides its wonderful looks and its extra addition to your home, it saves you a ton of money. Say goodbye to watering your grass every day and spending large amounts on your water bill. Also if you have enough fake grass through your house, you can eventually stop your personal gardener that you hire to maintain your lawn. You will never have to lift a finger to water your grass again. Synthetic grass looks great all year round. Rain or shine, your grass will be greener than ever with no flooding and browning. In pouring rain, your synthetic grass will remain strong and sturdy with no mood and dirt flows seeping through. In harsh heat weathers, your grass will never die out and keep its bright color. Green Pros makes sure to install fake grass that has very natural looking that will make your grass look completely real.

Another good time to hire our synthetic grass company is when your yard weeds are getting out of control. Did you know that fake grass eliminates weeds and stops them from poking through the grass? If you hate weeds just as much as we do, then let Green Pros step in and help you solve this problem. Many companies offer synthetic grass but they install cheap quality grass. This results in your grass looking super fake, ruining the look of your beautiful yard. Green Pros only installs top quality synthetic grass, and every client we work with is left very happy! Contact us today for a consultation on synthetic grass.

Benefits Of Mulch Landscaping

Mulch is the new popular thing- everyone wants to get their hands on it. Not only does mulch look good in any place you put it, but the benefits of it are phenomenal. If you ever see wooden chips in a garden in a location where grass should be placed, that is mulch landscaping.

The Many Benefits of Mulch

By installing mulch in your garden, you are automatically eliminating unwanted weeds from growing through your soil. When you have grass, weeds grow through it, leaving your garden unpleasant and making it harder for you to maintain it. Mulch stops the germination of weeds and keeps it from growing in those locations. Mulch also helps hold in your garden’s soil moisture, allowing your plants and flowers to stay hydrated constantly without drying out. Grass does not have these qualities, as if you do not water grass then it will eventually die out and brown.

Red-Dyed-Chips      Medium-Bark-Nuggets

Mulch landscaping in Encino also helps maintain soil temperature. This is great if you live in Southern California, because the weather tends to fluctuate often. One day it could be extremely hot and humid, and the next it can be raining and cold. The mulch will help your soil maintain its temperature without getting stressed. Mulch also helps fight against frost on your plants in areas with really cold temperatures (great for winter). In hot temperatures that go past 90 degrees, it is super important that your plants stay hydrated. Mulch helps keep your plants cool in these temperatures as well.

The main benefit of mulch is that you do not need to water it. The more mulch you place in your garden, the more money you will save on your water bills. This will also save you the time and energy of having to go out of your way to water and maintain your garden. Many people prefer to switch to mulch because they do not have time to do so, or they often times forget and then suffer the consequences of an unappealing garden.

GreenPros provides top quality mulch landscaping in Encino. We provide a wide selection of different types of mulch, with different shapes and colors. Some of our mulch include red dye chips, small bark nuggets, browned dye chips, and forest floor mulch. We give our clients a selection of different mulch, so that their specific needs will be met. Contact GreenPros today to get your mulch installed, and make your life much easier!