Stamped Concrete Is Simple, And Better For Your Home

Stamped concrete is a popular way to boost the look of your front of backyard with a decorative look. Concrete makes up much of today’s home owners yards, if you have not yet noticed. It ads much more of an appealing look, rather than just grass and plants/flowers.  Once Green Pros takes over and begins your stamped concrete installations, you will get to decide what design pattern and color(s) you wish to have in your yard. Green Pros carries a wide selection of different colors to chose from, so this will be no problem. After the first day of installation, the professional team hauls stone into place allowing it to dry slightly but not completely. The steps are formed with cement, and then covered with a plastic sheet so nothing gets ruined or damaged over night. Once the concrete is ready and into place, you apply the color of your choice to the concrete. Once the color is dried and ready, they begin the stamping process. The stamps are used to create special designs through the concrete and create unique textures.


Stamped Concrete is Problem-less

Decorative concrete is known to be a lot stronger and environmental resistant than regular concrete that is used, because of the special hardeners and top coat that Green Pros professionals use. Stamped concrete is more affordable than ever before, which also adds more value to your home. With the different textures and colors to chose from, there is no way you will be limited to possibilities with stamped concrete, and it will give your home an immediate appealing look. You will not have to worry about the weather damaging or cracking your concrete, because it is very durable. Green Pros uses only the best types of stamped concrete for your home. We do not cut corners and make sure that our clients get the highest quality products, to ensure their happiness. To find out more about our decorative concrete let one of our specialists give you a free consultation!

Installing Artificial Turf For Sports Fields

Artificial Turf is used everywhere now. Whether it for a home, community, building, etc., it is becoming increasingly popular on sports fields for professional athletes. First off, many athletes and team coaches prefer having artificial turf as their form of grass because of the cleanliness it provides. For example, soccer teams definitely benefit from synthetic turf because of the mud and dirt real grass has. Especially when wearing cleats, you do not want them to dig into mud and make piles of dirt. Artificial turf is completely weather proof and will never have these types of problems. Another good reason why sports teams like synthetic grass is because it does not absorb as much heat as real grass does. When players are sitting on the grass field, they do not want to suffer from hot grass, which happens through sunlight exposure. The artificial turf installed does not get absorbed from heat on hot summer days, which makes it easier to enjoy your practices and games.


Artificial Turf Leads To More Playing Time

Because artificial turf is completely weather proof, it will not contain floods of water, mud, and dirt like real grass does. Even if there is a big storm, the next day when the weather clears you will automatically be able to go back on the field and begin your practice/games. Since we live in Southern California, our drought also takes a huge toll on our grass. Teams do not want to play on dead and broken grass, they want to be able to practice on green vibrant grass. All of these examples leads to more playing time for sports teams, because weather does not stop anyone from using the artificial turf. Your coach will not have to cancel practice because of the rough weather conditions, you can technically still play in the rain with no problem.

Green Pros knows that it is a struggle to have daily or weekly team practices because of weather issues. With artificial turf, that will never be an issue. Green Pros makes sure to only install top quality artificial turf that will allow your team to play for a long time. Also, the artificial turf is able to be used just a few hours after installment. Call Green Pros today for a free consultation.

Saving Water Through Drought Tolerant Landscape

If you live in California, you know that conserving water in any way possible is crucial. We are beginning to cut down on watering our grass, our plants, our cars, driveways, etc., to support our drought crisis. California residents understand that water is extremely valuable, which is why they are switching to alternative solutions. Many are turning to drought tolerant landscape, not only to save water, but also to save money.

Watering Our Grass/Plants Is Not Crucial

More than half of our water is being used daily to water grass and plants. Imagine how much water we would save if everyone stopped watering their lawns. Stopping the watering of lawns saves you money on your monthly water bills, and saves you time and maintenance. By stopping water for these uses, you benefit your community and yourself. This is where Green Pros brings drought tolerant landscape into play. Sure, everyone wants to continue to have nice-looking lawns, without having to require water and maintenance. You can obtain environmental friendly alternatives by first installing artificial turf. Artificial turf requires no maintenance at all. It is completely weather-proof, so your grass will never obtain mud and dirt like real grass does. Artificial turf is more beneficial for children and pets as well. It is much more safe to play on, and does not contain any toxins. Another good thing about artificial turf is that there are no pests or bugs in your grass. A second step to drought tolerant landscaping is to install mulch and rocks for decoration where grass used to be. This actually adds much more of a decorative feel in your yard. You can also install certain plants that do not obtain as much water.

There are several services provided by Green Pros that are better alternatives to saving water in California’s drought. Take the first step, and start thinking about the place you live in. By switching to drought tolerant landscaping, you will instantly see less expenses on your monthly bills, while doing a good deed to your community. You can have the best of both worlds, so call Green Pros to get started today.

Several Ways Artificial Turf Will Improve Your Life

Thinking of installing artificial turf, but want to dig deeper into it’s benefits? Artificial turf can greatly improve your lifestyle after the first installation.

Benefits Of Artificial Turf

Aside from it looking spectacular in your front yard and backyard, artificial grass obviously reduces yard work. Now, if gardening is your hobby, you can still do this in your spare time. But you will no longer need to mow your lawn, pull out your dead weeds, and rake excess scrapes. Since many adults go to work daily, they do not have any time to manage their yards.This is when a professional gardener comes in to take over, and maintain it for you. With your artificial turf installations, you can say goodbye to your fellow yard gardeners. You may still need to pick up a few weeds here and there, but this will save you time, energy, and money all in one. Your yard will ALWAYS be ready. When you have friends or family over, your yard will always look top-notch. You will constantly get compliments on how nice and put together your yard is, especially your bright green grass. You can officially go through with your big BBQ plans, and invite your friends over.

One of the best benefits that people love about artificial turf: no pests. This is actually more beneficial for your pets- due to the fact that if they are in your grass and weeds for a long period of time in dry hot weather, they can catch ticks and fleas. Now you and your pet will be able to relax and lay comfortably in or by the grass and enjoy the sunshine. Lastly, your clothes will always be clean because – no grass stains! You can literally lay in your grass with white pants and you will not get a single stain on your clothes. This is great for young children who constantly play outdoors.

Overall, artificial turf improves home owners lives immensely. Anyone who owns artificial turf will agree with all the above stated facts. Get your installation today, and help improve your family and your own lives.

How Paver Installation Adds Value To Your Home

Did you know that Green Pros not only provides artificial turf services, but also paver installation services?

Pavers are ancient- they have been used for hundreds of thousands of years to increase attraction and/or interest in a certain area. Ever go to a new shopping center our outdoor location that just opened? That location most likely is covered in pavers, and you have to admit it looks amazing. Pavers are used all over your home- from patios to pools to steps and driveways. From your new home’s updates look with Paver installations, your home can increase in value tremendously. It is much more appealing to a persons eyes. Green Pros installs pavers that are durable and completely weather resistant. This means that even if a flood were to happen next to your home, your pavers will still be completely sturdy. Green Pros carries three specific brands of pavers, which are: Angelus Paving Stones, Acker-Stone, and Olsen Pavingstone Inc. to ensure the best quality for their customer’s satisfaction.

Pavers Will Save You Tons Of Money On Gardening And Watering Bills

This is because if you would have grass in these areas, you would constantly need to be watering the grass and hiring gardeners to maintain your lawns. With paver installations, you will instantly come to the realization that your monthly bills are getting less expensive due to water savings and gardener payments decreasing.Back to the subject of how Paver Installations can add value to your home. Pavers are what makes a person more interested in buying a home. With all of the creative and awesome paver designs that are provided by Green Pros, your yard will look one hundred times better than it did with grass! Green Pros is here to help make your home look great, and they are here to help you increase the value of your home.


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How Switching to Artificial Turf Saves Time and Money

Did you know that right now is the most perfect season to begin your artificial turf installations?

You might ask why this is a good time to switch to artificial grass. This is because the summer’s heat and humidity is leading to severe droughts that spread through winter and spring. Because California does not get very much rain fall each year (compared to the many other states in America), we are very limited when it comes to using a heavy supply of water to feed our beautiful lawns and gardens. Did you realize that many homes and communities that have real grass, are slowly starting to brown and die from the heat? That is because real grass is dying daily due to insufficient water. We are starting to cut down on our water usage due to the high expenses it is costing us monthly. Our bills are increasing unexpectedly because we must continue to maintain our lawns. This is why more and more home and business owners are switching to artificial turf as their new solution.

Artificial turf not only cuts down your monthly expenses immensely, but it looks even better than real grass! Aside from saving money on your costly bills, home owners will also save on hiring gardeners to mow your lawns and maintain them. Imagine how much money you would save if you had two costly issues erased per month? The popularity of artificial turf is spreading tremendously throughout the nation and everyone is trying to get their hands on it. It is hassle free and safe for both kids and pets to play on.

GreenPros is here to help you with this problem. We at GreenPros do our absolute best to ensure customer satisfaction. With our quick and easy installments of artificial turf, we help change our clients lives for the better. Need a more personal analysis for your home? GreenPros is happy to give you and your family a free estimate. Say goodbye to brown dead lawns, and hello to beautiful artificial turf!


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Artificial Grass: Safe For The Environment

Field turf Pomona and lawn turf Pomona are mainly made of polyurethane fibers and made to look, and feel, like good ole natural grass. When it was first introduced, it was known as field turf Pomona and turf prices Pomona were higher since it was a niche product. However, over the years turf prices Pomona have significantly improved since the artificial grass technology has improved since turf’s first introduction. Artificial grass has since become closer to the real thing and is considered to be environmentally safe.

It’s not only the average homeowner that uses lawn turf Pomona, but artificial grass is used for commercial areas, business centers, and sports centers. The most popular use for lawn turf Pomona is by homeowners while lawn turf Pomona is used more for commercial purposes. Artificial grass is a popular choice over natural grass because of its low maintenance and cost. It can also brighten up any barren area of your home or business, giving it an instant burst of life. There are many styles and varieties of field turf Pomona that a homeowner can choose from. Artificial grass comes in a variety of colors, heights, and fibers in order for you to make the best choice for your budget.

Green Pros believe that when it comes to artificial grass, there is absolutely no substitute for expertise and experience. Our artificial grass installation experts will give you’re a free estimate and inform you of the type of grass you should be choosing for your home in order to reap the benefits of reducing your landscaping and gardening bills. Our installation process is quick and straightforward, you will be the envy of the entire neighborhood before you know it. Artificial lawn turf Pomona can last up to a quarter of a century, that is a lot of savings in maintenance and watering bills!

Contact Green Pros today to learn all about reducing your carbon footprint with artificial grass and start saving money today!


Good Quality and Bad Quality Artificial Grass: How To Tell The Difference

Having a well-manicured, beautiful lawn isn’t easy for the homeowner who is constantly on the go. It’s no longer feasible to take so much time to try to upkeep your lawn. Grass is great, it feels good under your feet and it looks wonderful, when taken care of. But seriously, who has all that time to dedicate to maintaining it. This is the reason that a lot of homeowners are turning to have an artificial grass installation Chino Hills. By choosing to have an artificial grass carpet Chino Hills, you will no longer have to invest so much time in maintaining the its beauty as the artificial grass carpet Chino Hills stays forever green. Now, you may be asking yourself what the difference is between cheap artificial grass Chino Hills and quality artificial grass carpet Chino Hills.

Be sure to ask for samples of artificial grass carpet Chino Hills, you can stop by the Green Pros office for samples. High quality grass will have a non-abrasive and soft texture, while cheap artificial grass Chino Hills will have a less than stellar texture and feel like plastic, you don’t want that. Artificial grass has come a long way since it was first introduced in the 1960s, modern technology has improved the quality and texture of artificial grass. Quality artificial grass, like Green Pros, will have multi-tone hues with a density that is similar to having natural grass.

High quality grass, as oppose to cheap artificial grass Chino Hills, is well constructed. When shopping for a quality artificial grass carpet Chino Hills, it’s important to look for a holed latex backing, which is used for draining. It must also come with the following: sand, rubber, and superior non-filled surface. Padded underlays are optional.

When you contact Green Pros, we will help you choose the artificial grass and the artificial grass installation Chino Hills that is right for you and your budget. You deserve top quality grass and Green Pros will deliver that!