10 Tips on Water Wise Landscaping


Water is the most precious resource that our planet has, and it has become a more precious of a precious commodity ever since the drought in California began in 2012. Therefore, it is very important to conserve this valuable resource by installing artificial grass Chino Hills. This is especially true for Southern Californian homeowners, as the drought has severely affected the region, where being water wise is not only a social responsibility, but also a mandatory requirement, which is why you should consider top artificial grass Chino Hills. The cost of fake grass Chino Hills is not as expensive as one would think.

Water wise landscaping is the way of the future, as droughts and climate change are environmental issues that are finally being taken seriously. Lack of proper planning and faulty designs that do not take the environment into consideration has resulted in unnecessary water waste leading people to install artificial grass Chino Hills. When homeowners decide to implement a water wise landscape into their backyard, it not only helps the environment, but it creates a welcoming space and the cost of fake grass Chino Hills was affordable.

Smart, water wise landscaping consists of using the right selection of plants and use of suitable soil, and top artificial grass Chino Hills. Plants must be able to receive enough water to survive. Most water is wasted on overwatering our plants, water runoff, and evaporation. As a result, water bills skyrocket and it can even result in fines, which is why you should seek out top artificial grass Chino Hills. Water wise landscaping will result in low maintenance gardening, and a dramatic reduction in water bills by installing artificial grass Chino Hills.

Below, are ten helpful water wise landscaping tips. Follow these tips, and you, and the environment will benefit.

  1. Minimize your lawn. That’s right, tear out the lawn and replace it with turf grass. The lawn is what causes the most unnecessary water waste resulting in higher bills.
  2. A proper landscape design and proper placement of plants will save water.
  3. Investing in underground sprinklers and drip irrigation, that are timed-regulated, allows you to properly manage how much water you are using.
  4. Using the proper soil and proper soil management. Your soil is just as important as your plants.
  5. It is important to use organic or mineral materials.
  6. Weed removal is beneficial, as it steals water away from your plants.
  7. Use large, nonporous containers.
  8. The best times to water your lawn and yard are before sunrise, or after sunset, when the sunlight is least harsh.
  9. Adjusting sprinkler heads.
  10. Create seasonal water schedules so that you may water less frequently during the cooler months of the year.

In applying proper landscaping design tactics, you will have a beautiful garden made of artificial grass Chino Hills that will save you a lot of money and benefit the environment.

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